NEET MDS Mock Marathon 2024

Hello NEET MDS Aspirants,

The NEET MDS Mock Marathon will start on 1st January,2024. Here, You will be giving a NEET MDS mock exam every alternate day for 30 Days (15 Mock Exams).

During these 30 days, you will understand the areas where you have strong grips and the areas which are your weak points. Also, Your Biological clock will be set and You will be habituated on taking 3 hours exam, as most of students failed to even complete the whole paper, on other hand you will knew how to manage the time in exam! which question to keep it in review! how much time you can a lot to 1 MCQ and develop a basic strategy to on attending questions, where your chances of negative marking reduces.

Here are Some pointers that you can keep in mind during the Final exams

  • Before the exams, do a basic calculation of time : you will have 240 MCQs and 180 Minutes, so on an avg. you can spend 45 seconds on 1 question.
  • Don’t spend too much time on 1 question, if you are think you can solve that question but its taking time! then just add hat question in review, because there will be some question that you will be answering in 5-10 seconds, so you will be able to get some extra time at the end for such long or puzzling question.
  • if you spend too much time on 1 question then at the end you won’t be able to attempt those easy questions due to time pressure.
  • if you are confuse between options in those type questions then select the first option you thought is correct and mark it for review, the question will still be processing in back of your mind as you go ahead. Either you will get the answer in mind as you go ahead answering other questions or if you don’t get the answer, choose the option you selected first and submit it as consciously or unconsciously, chance of getting correct answer on your first hunch/ your gut feeling are more, if you’re still confused then leave the question.
  • Start with the Part you found to be easiest for you, dental subjects or medical subjects! Start with easy subjects and you will start developing confidence. it will relive anxiety and you will be able to get most out of your brain in that 3hrs.
  • If you are finding difficult questions which you have no idea what is asked, don’t panic, stay calm and skip 10-15 questions and start reading those questions. you can apply this method even if you’re finding 4-5 questions in row which you don’t know, skip 10-15 question. comeback after you finish all your known/easy question and then try solving them with calm mind. CLUEs will be there hidden in the question, most of the time.
  • finish a section(medical/dental) then move to remaining one. only keep those question for End which are highly doubtful to you and you have kept it in review.
  • Always read the full question, take a moment to understand what is being asked. you will save some marks by doing this, which otherwise you may have selected a wrong option even though you know the correct answer.
  • In long paragraph like questions, try to find keywords or read the last line of question first, to understand what will be the end question before reading the whole question, it may help you reach to answer quickly.
  • Try to manage your time such way that you can have 2nd look on most questions, at least.
  • Do not under attempt in exam, if you want to be in top 1000 then you have to be in the competition. you can’t get 600 marks by attempting only 150 questions, you will make some silly mistakes and negative marking will be there. at least select 200+ MCQs to get some good rank/ be in competition.
  • Lastly, Have a positive mindset, You have done everything in your capacity. You will get highest marks out of all exams that you have given till now. it will reduce your anxiety and helps you think better.
  • On general note some things to keep in check before exam day : Get 8 hrs sleep before exam day because you will need your brain to work at its peak, Don’t forget your Admit card and check the route of travelling before a day

P.S. 1: All these pointers are the advices from our side, try and test those points to see what works for you best. It’ll be totally up to you what to take and what not to take.

P.S. 2: User interface on the exam will different from ours as the similar interface with similar functionalities is under development and we don’t want you to face bugs and issue when you actually need to focus on questions and answers, that’s why we have tried to provide the most stable exam interface that we made.

All The Best for Mock Marathon.