1. ossifying fibroma manifest as

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2. What is the role of potassium bromide and benzotriazole in developer

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3. A 40 year old male got a blow to angle of mandible but remained asymptomatic.Radiographic examination shows a radioopaque line in the concerned area with a sharp undercut at the lower border of mandible.It may be

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4. In bitewing method of radiography, for examination of maxillary deciduous lateral incisor, vertical angulation should be

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5. Best radiograph to view fracture of condyle is

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6. If an unwrapped, nonprocessed x-ray film is exposed to normal light for just a second and then processed, it ______.

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7. Elongation (the most common error) can be caused by

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8. which of the following restorative material is the most radiolucent

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9. half value layer refers to

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10. Which of the following converts electrons into x-rays?

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11. A first-year dental student helping out in the clinic for the first time repeatedly obtains x-rays of tooth #14 with a zigzagged pattern. What could have prevented the zigzagged pattern on the radiographic image?

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12. Which of the following projections is the best for evaluating midface fractures?

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13. The unit for measuring the absorption of x-rays is called:

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14. If a processed film appears light with herringbone or tire track pattern on it, which of the following is the likely cause?

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15. Dose equivalent is expressed in terms of

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16. radiographic view for diagnosisg horizontally favourable and unfavourable fracture is

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17. digital image in computerised radiography is made up of

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18. The image of the coronoid process of the mandible often appears in periapical x-rays of

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19. In cone beam CT scan what is the artifact seen when the size of the object being imaged is smaller than the voxel size

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20. all of the following increases radiation exposure except

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