1. The purpose and use of the panaromic image include all of the following except one. Which one is the exception

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2. On a radiograph the facial root of a maxillary first premolar would appear distal to the lingual root if the

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3. ossifying fibroma manifest as

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4. Lead apron protects

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5. which is the best technique for detecting proximal caries in children with minimum radiation exposure

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6. In case of suspected metastasis to lymph nodes of neck,ultrasound will reveal all of the following except

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7. On a routine radiographic examination, a well-defined radiolucent lesion was seen in the body of the mandible of a 17-year-old boy. At the time of operation, it proved to be an empty cavity. What is this lesion?

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8. The radiolucent portions of the images on a processed dental x-ray film are made up of ____.

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9. fibrous dysplasia is associated with

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10. In taking radiographs, gagging is usually caused when

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11. When using a phosphor plate, if we tak eimage without deetion of previous one is called

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12. digital image in computerised radiography is made up of

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13. All of the following cells in the body are relatively resistant to damage by radiation except

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14. Radiographically 'se strum' formed in osteomyelitis is

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15. Film size used to evaluate TMJ

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16. which is the best method to reduce radiation exposure to patient during a full mouth series

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17. characteristic 'tram line' calcifications in the skull radiographs is observed in

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18. all of the following radioisotopes are used in systemic radionucleotide except

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19. The odontogenic neoplasm, which is composed of loose, primitiveappearing connective tissue that resembles dental pulp, microscopically is known as _____.

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20. Mc gregor and trapnell lines are seen on a

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