1. An anatomic structure which has a worm hole radiolucency is characteristic of
2. Machine A has FOV(field of view) of 6-12 inches,while machine B has FOV of 1.6 to 3.1 inches. Which CBCT machine will produce higher resolution image and deliver less radiation
3. Lamina dura, Nasal fossa and maxillary sinus appear distinct and clear in a radiograph due to
4. consistent radiographs require
5. The radiographic appearance of Botryoid odontogenic cyst is
6. sialogram of a normal salivary gland appears as
7. if multiple myelpma is suspected from a patients history and IOPA, which of the following radiographs should be taken to confirm the diagnosis
8. Which of the following projections is the best for evaluating the maxillary sinus?
9. Which of the following projections is the best for evaluating midface fractures?
10. Structures seen in maxillary anterior periapical radiograph
11. The period between radiation exposure and the onset of symptoms is called the
12. When the X-ray tube is shifted to the right, the object shifts to the left as compred to the adjacent teeth.The object is positioned
13. In dental Xray tube, the number of electrons flowing per second is measured by
14. the quantity of electrons available for x rays is determined primarily by
15. the density of a radiograph is reduced by increasing
16. Oral route is used for which isotope
17. What is the role of potassium bromide and benzotriazole in developer
18. the heel effect results
19. It is acceptable for the operator to hold the film in a patient's mouth____.
20. In case of suspected metastasis to lymph nodes of neck,ultrasound will reveal all of the following except
21. the component of developer that gives detail to the radiographic image is
22. In the body which atom is useful in magnetic resonance imaging(MRI)
23. radiographically,in early caries one can mistake a radiolucent line below the DEJ for
24. Radiograph of a tooth shows appearance of a halo around the root.It may be indicative of
25. which of the following is most valuable in determining x ray beam quality
26. It is generally desirable that x-ray films be all of the following except
27. all of the following increases radiation exposure except
28. The disadvantage of digital radiography over conventional radiography
29. fibrous dysplasia is associated with
30. Fogging seen in x- ray film is seen due to all of the following reasons except
31. Advantage of CT SCAN over CBCT is
32. What is the "critical target" for radiation damage
33. Radiographic appearance of hypophosphatasia
34. When using a phosphor plate, if we tak eimage without deetion of previous one is called
35. in normal dental diagnostic procedures the principal radiation hazard to the operator is produced by
36. in radionucleotide imaging the most useful radio pharmaceutical for skeletal imaging is
37. Most radiosensitive phase of cell cycle is
38. Occlusal radiographs are useful for all of the following except one. Which one is the exception?
39. Black branching lines appear on a processed film. Which of the following is the most likely cause?
40. If your film-based radiographs start coming out too light, it may be that the ______.
41. which of the following malignant tumour is radioresistant
42. radiographic diagnosis of dense radioopaque cotton wool areas throughout the entire body of the mandible and associated with hypercementosis is most likely
43. Photoelectric interactions are highest in _____.
44. Linear accelerators used in medical radiology produce which type of particles
45. Which of the following is not a fibrotic effect of radiation
46. in which one of the following condition sialography is contraindicated
47. the gold standard for the diagnosis of osteoporosis is
48. which of the following radiographic feature is commonly associated with a traumatic bone cyst
49. All are advantages of digital radiography except
50. when a child is not able to hold the IOPA who should hold the film
51. On a radiograph, you observe a radiolucency extending from the distal aspect of the maxillary canine to the posterior wall of the maxilla above the tuberosity. The most likely cause of this radiolucency is ____.
52. Hurter Driffield Index is used to measure
53. Long gray scale is achieved by
54. Which of the following doesnot apply to filtration of an x-ray beam in a modern x-ray unit?
55. What is the effect on radiograph if there are scratches on intensifying screen
56. SI unit of radioactivity is
57. Dose equivalent is expressed in terms of
58. Which of the following focuses the electrons into a narrow beam and directs the beam across the tube towards tungsten target of the anode
59. The function of the filament is to
60. the purpose of a step down transformer in an x ray apparatus is to
61. Maximum fogging effect is seen by
62. Charge transferred across rows of detector in a 'bucket brigade ' fashion is seen in
63. characteristic 'tram line' calcifications in the skull radiographs is observed in
64. Floating teeth' are seen in which of the following conditions?
65. What are the components of a developing solution?
66. a developer at high temperature will cause
67. A nephrocalcinosis treated patient and on omeprazole for last 3 weeks, has midline crossing lesion in the lower jaw, radiolucent, hazy trabeculae,giant cells , expanding cortical plates .Diagnosis is
68. Cervical burnout is phenomenon seen in
69. Chromosomal damage maximum during radiotherapy when there is damage to
70. A 21-year-old woman went to her dentist because of facial asymmetry. This asymmetry had developed gradually over 3 years. The patient had no symptoms. A diffusely opaque lesion was found in her right maxilla. All laboratory tests (complete blood count, alkaline phosphatase, calcium) were within normal limits. A biopsy specimen was interpreted as a fibro-osseous lesion. This patient most likely has ______.
71. radiographically level of normal alveolar crest is related to
72. Which of the following uses alogarithm
73. Fastest X-ray film
74. Highly radiosensitive cells are
75. During radiographic imaging, predominant X-rays are produced by:
76. at the atomic level x ray photons lose their energy through
77. Radiotherapy given by implant
78. First radiographic sign of osteomyelitis
79. which is the best technique for detecting proximal caries in children with minimum radiation exposure
80. In taking radiographs, gagging is usually caused when
81. Which property of x-ray is utilised in intensifying screens
82. phosphorus-32 emits
83. In cone beam CT scan what is the artifact seen when the size of the object being imaged is smaller than the voxel size
84. For estimation of radiographic exposure which of the following is used in badges
85. ALARA principle stands for
86. the technique employed in radiotherapy to counteract the effect of tumor motion due to breathing is known as
87. on the radiograph the mesial site of mandibular 1st molar revealed bone loss of 2-3 mm.on probing 6mm pocket was revealed.the discrepancy could be due to
88. Clearing agent in fixer is
89. Hyperbaric oxygen is beneficial to the patients with
90. The angle at which the operator should stand from x ray tube for safety
91. Film size used to evaluate TMJ
92. Normal angulation for recording a periapical radiograph of a maxillary lateral incisor:
93. the size of the periapical film used in adults is
94. Bone death in radiation seen after radiation level of
95. What is the recommended distance (in feet) that the operator should stand from the patient while taking radiographs?
96. Which of the following statements about obtaining the most geometrically accurate image is false?
97. The photosensitive component of an x-ray film is ______.
98. The primary function of developer is to ____.
99. If an exposed radiograph is too dark after proper development, you should ____.
100. It is important that the film base be ____.