1. All are advantages of digital radiography except

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2. While taking IOPA radiographs of maxillary 1st molar, to avoid superimposition of the zygomatic arch, the x ray tube should be angulated :

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3. Potter-Bucky diaphragm is used to

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4. on the radiograph the mesial site of mandibular 1st molar revealed bone loss of 2-3 mm.on probing 6mm pocket was revealed.the discrepancy could be due to

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5. Radiotherapy given by implant

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6. campbell lines are seen in which radiographic projection

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7. moth eaten appearance is seen in all except

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8. which of the following restorative material is the most radiolucent

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9. What are the components of a developing solution?

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10. which type of radiation effect results in radiation induced thyroid cancer

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11. In cone beam CT scan what is the artifact seen when the size of the object being imaged is smaller than the voxel size

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12. . A patient with a large squamous cell carcinoma of the lateral border of the tongue is scheduled for a radical neck dissection. Prophylactic extractions of hopeless teeth must be done to prevent which of the following?

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13. Digital x-rays require less radiation than conventional x-rays because:

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14. all of the following is true except

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15. which of the following is most valuable in determining x ray beam quality

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16. What is the recommended distance (in feet) that the operator should stand from the patient while taking radiographs?

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17. What is the effect on radiograph if there are scratches on intensifying screen

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18. The radiographic appearance of Botryoid odontogenic cyst is

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19. radiographically level of normal alveolar crest is related to

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20. a developer at high temperature will cause

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