1. In a demographic cycle, If death rate is declining but there is no increase in birth rate this population is called as

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2. In epidemiology, a sample is:

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3. The no. of death due to oral carcinoma divided by mid-year population?

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4. Which of the following has got the highest fluoride content:

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5. A- learned behaviour which is permanent and consistent but liable to change

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6. Reverse smoking is prominent in which parts of India:

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7. An investigator observes that five independent risk factors influence the occurance of a disease. Which of the following statistical tests should be applied to assess the relationship between these 5 risk factors and the occurance of disease:

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8. Comparing means of 3 different groups or datasets is best done by using:

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9. Incidence can be calculated by

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10. Power of a statistical test indicates

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11. Sputum can be disinfected by all except:

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12. All the following indicators are included in physical quality of life Index (PQLI) except

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13. Dmf index is

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14. Space maintainers belong to which level of prevention

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15. All of the following statements regarding disposal of biomedical waste are true, Except

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16. Which of the following characteristics is not of much importance in a screening test

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17. Chronic carrier state is seen in all except

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18. In Salivary reductase test, slightly conducive caries activity in represented as which colour

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19. Which of the following is cariogenic

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20. Which of the following statements regarding live vaccines is false :

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