1. A dentist assigns a specific task to be done on a patient to a junior doctor. The dentist remains in the set up while the task is carried out but does not continuously watches the task is being carried out. What is this called:
2. Parametric test are all except
3. Which of these is a parametric test
4. In statistical studies, data represents:
5. In national water supply and sanitation program, a 'Problem village' is defined as all except
6. Study carried out among children of around 12yr age group in an orphan house with less carbohydrate diet is
7. Test used to represent difference in heights of students in two different classes in school
8. When analyzing a small sample with two sets of observations where values of observations are dependent on each other, which test will be used:
9. Chronic carrier state is seen in all except
10. According to concept of primary health centre hilly areas cover a population of
11. Dentist act was passed in
12. According to Dunning classification, the screening procedure only using tongue depressor and available illumination inspection in school children and to identify the treatment needs
13. Safe disposal of mercury is:
14. Forecast of probable cause and outcome of an attack of the disease and prospects of recovery as indicated by nature of disease and symptoms of the case
15. Which of the following exposure carries the maximum risk of transmission of HIV?
16. Application of Incubation period is all EXCEPT
17. All of the following are applications of knowing the incubation period of a disease except
18. If the incidence of a disease is high and prevalence is low, it means that
19. All of the following are true about cluster sampling except:
20. A screening test is used in the same way in two similar populations; but the proportion of false positive results among those who test positive in population A is lower than those who test positive in population B. What is the likely explanation?
21. Reliability of a screening test refers to:
22. Power of a statistical test indicates
23. Education of young children in school about the harmful effects of soft foods leading to caries is done to prevent dental caries. What is this type of prevention called
24. Eradication is defined as:
25. In case of Confounding variable which type of association is seen between disease and factor
26. Role of humectant in toothpastes:
27. The proportion of the population which is included in the study sample is called as
28. Comprehensive school based dental care for whole country is adopted by
29. Mean respiratory rate in different kind of smokers and nonsmokers, categorized as four categories mild, moderate, heavy and nonsmoker. test used to assess the means between them -
30. Recently two methods of cPAP: conventional and bubble cPAP were compared. In the conventional method, 90 out of 160 showed extubation failure while 40 out of 160 showed extubation failure in the bubble method. Which test would be the best to compare the statistical significance between the rates of extubation failure in the two tests
31. Which one of the following is a good index of the severity of an acute disease?
32. Diameter of adult tooth brush range
33. A Path finder survey for oral health needs to be done at 12 sites for 4 index age groups at each site. What should be the sample size for the survey
34. Crude death rate is usually measured per ___________ of population:
35. In a study done for the evaluation of prevalence of caries in a given population, the ratio of its standard deviation to the mean of data is called
36. Study done on a group of patients showed coefficient of variance for BP and serum creatinine to be 20% & 15% respectively. Inference is that:
37. Method commonly used to represent variations around mean:
38. In a disease process, probability of correctly identifying case of disease is
39. Space maintainers belong to which level of prevention
40. Vitamin A prophylaxis is an example of
41. Which of the following methods of water fluoridation do not depend on electric assistance for water flow
42. Choking off mechanism takes place after topical application of
43. An active carious lesion can be stopped from progression by application of which of the following:
44. Back washing is a recommended technique for
45. Which of the following statements regarding live vaccines is false :
46. In a community trial, every 5th house in a village was selected for sampling. This type of sampling is called as
47. World Anti Tobacco Day is?
48. Causative agent for AIDS was established in
49. Yellow bag used for disposal of
50. Not true about propagated epidemics
51. A high school child trained to teach dentistry to elementary children in school
52. Which of the following is cariogenic
53. Anganwadi Worker (AWW) is appointed for population
54. Which of the following types of bias can be reduced by allowing equal interview time
55. Age was found to be a factor affecting the relation of diabetes mellitus and periodontics
56. Screening of oral cancer comes under which level of prevention:
57. Standard error of mean is calculated by
58. When chlorate in water starts to disappear and free chlorine starts to appear, it is called
59. A standard z score is related to?
60. Which of the following statements about confidence limits/ interval is true:
61. Shortest incubation period is seen in:
62. Vectors may transmit infection by all of the following methods, Except
63. Which of the following is true about Epidemiological survey as compared to clinical trial: 1. Sample size small 2. Cross sectional and longitudinal approach 3. Dental indices are used 4. Control and experimental group
64. Water fluoride concentration in areas with cold weather condition
65. In 3x3 table, the degree of freedom is
66. The pattern of change of disease trends of mortality and morbidity where the pandemics of infection. are replaced by degenerative and manmade disorders as the main cause of morbidity and mortality is known as:
67. All are principles of ethics, except
68. In epidemiology, a sample is:
69. In statistics, sample represents:
70. The usefulness of a screening test depends upon its
71. Which of the following conditions does not have a National Screening / Control Programme?
72. Plastic wrapper of surgical syringe should be discarded in:
73. In Salivary reductase test, slightly conducive caries activity in represented as which colour
74. QLF light emits blue colour when it is reflected on carious tooth which light is emitted?
75. In caries reductase test slightly conductive shows which color
76. Which study is used to evaluate the incidence of caries in 12 years old children in a Madhya Pradesh school
77. Dmf index measures
78. Anti-Rabies vaccine is not indicated in:
79. Measure of dispersion in normal distribution from mean is known as
80. STROBE guidelines are applied to:
81. Which of the following is an example of an observational study:
82. Which epidemiological study gives the most accurate result?
83. Bias can be eliminated by all except:
84. Dmf index is
85. Anti-calculus agent in toothpaste is
86. Which of the following best reflects the highest level of community participation
87. Application of fluoride varnish after luting a crown has which of the following beneficial action:
88. The no. of death due to oral carcinoma divided by mid-year population?
89. Results obtained based on resources spend
90. Provision of integrated preventive, curative and promotional health services are part of
91. In an epidemiological study, the first case which comes to the attention of the investigator is
92. A- learned behaviour which is permanent and consistent but liable to change
93. Degree of relationship between cause and effect is represented by
94. While calculating Infant mortality rate, which of the following is not included
95. In calculating Dependency Ratio, the numerator is expressed as :
96. A pregnant lady uses fluoridated drinking water. All of the following are true regarding exposure of the fetus to fluoride except:
97. Cavity conditioning in ART is done by
98. A Dental health survey in a community helps to establish what type of needs of the population:
99. The recent spread of Swine flu was in the news, this type of transmission can be termed:
100. Highest amount of saturated fatty acid is seen in