1. Mean respiratory rate in different kind of smokers and nonsmokers, categorized as four categories mild, moderate, heavy and nonsmoker. test used to assess the means between them -

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2. Method of identifying missing and supplementing case is patient is:

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3. Live viral vaccine is

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4. In case of Confounding variable which type of association is seen between disease and factor

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5. Recently two methods of cPAP: conventional and bubble cPAP were compared. In the conventional method, 90 out of 160 showed extubation failure while 40 out of 160 showed extubation failure in the bubble method. Which test would be the best to compare the statistical significance between the rates of extubation failure in the two tests

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6. In a dental clinic, auxiliary perform duties after personal diagnosis and direction of dentist and patient is sent after his clearance comes under

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7. Which of the following is not and initiative under the National rural health scheme (NRHS):

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8. QLF light emits blue colour when it is reflected on carious tooth which light is emitted?

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9. In epidemiology, a sample is:

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10. A test has high false positive rate in a community. True is

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11. A Path finder survey for oral health needs to be done at 12 sites for 4 index age groups at each site. What should be the sample size for the survey

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12. Causative agent for AIDS was established in

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13. Change in event with respect to time is best depicted by

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14. Which of the following is true about Epidemiological survey as compared to clinical trial: 1. Sample size small 2. Cross sectional and longitudinal approach 3. Dental indices are used 4. Control and experimental group

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15. Vectors may transmit infection by all of the following methods, Except

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16. Yellow bag used for disposal of

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17. In a positively skewed population distribution with a long tail, which of the following is used as measure of central tendency

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18. Which of the following types of bias can be reduced by allowing equal interview time

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19. Carry over effect is seen in

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20. Which of the following is a commonly used laboratory disinfectant:

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