1. Mean respiratory rate in different kind of smokers and nonsmokers, categorized as four categories mild, moderate, heavy and nonsmoker. test used to assess the means between them -

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2. 85% of lung cancer among smokers was due to their smoking. This is an example of

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3. Which is not an epidemiological method of population survey

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4. Disposal method of outdated cytotoxic drugs is:

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5. Plastic wrapper of surgical syringe should be discarded in:

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6. Back washing is a recommended technique for

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7. Anti-Rabies vaccine is not indicated in:

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8. Which epidemiological study gives the most accurate result?

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9. In epidemiology, a sample is:

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10. Shortest incubation period is seen in:

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11. Age was found to be a factor affecting the relation of diabetes mellitus and periodontics

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12. A test comes negative but the disease was present in subject. This is

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13. QLF light emits blue colour when it is reflected on carious tooth which light is emitted?

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14. Developing an answer or a solution to an already known problem or a question which can be quantified and analysed is known as:

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15. Mean bone density amongst two groups of 50 people each is compared with each other. The test of significance used would be:

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16. Study done on a group of patients showed coefficient of variance for BP and serum creatinine to be 20% & 15% respectively. Inference is that:

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17. Which one of the following vaccines is contraindicated in pregnancy

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18. An investigator wants to study the association between maternal intake of iron supplements (Yes/ No) and birth weights (in gms) of newborn babies. He collects relevant data from 100 pregnant women and their newborns. What statistical test of hypothesis would you advise for the investigator in this situation?

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19. Chronic carrier state is seen in all except

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20. Which of the following carbohydrate has no nutritive value:

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