1. How many demographic cycles are there in the world

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2. Anti-Rabies vaccine is not indicated in:

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3. Method of identifying missing and supplementing case is patient is:

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4. The no. of death due to oral carcinoma divided by mid-year population?

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5. A standard z score is related to?

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6. Universal Immunization Programme includes all except:

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7. What is the percentage of chlorohexidine when used as a handrub:

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8. The best graphic representation of frequency distribution of data gathered of a continuous variable is:

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9. Role of humectant in toothpastes:

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10. 85% of lung cancer among smokers was due to their smoking. This is an example of

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11. The recent spread of Swine flu was in the news, this type of transmission can be termed:

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12. Which of the following will cause an increase in the prevalence of disease

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13. Which of the following characteristics is not of much importance in a screening test

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14. Test used to represent difference in heights of students in two different classes in school

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15. Late expanding stage of population in India is due to?

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16. An investigator wants to study the association between maternal intake of iron supplements (Yes/ No) and birth weights (in gms) of newborn babies. He collects relevant data from 100 pregnant women and their newborns. What statistical test of hypothesis would you advise for the investigator in this situation?

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17. Which of the following conditions does not have a National Screening / Control Programme?

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18. Which of the following types of bias can be reduced by allowing equal interview time

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19. Recall bias is most commonly associated with which study design

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20. Occurrence of malocclusion in a given population termed as?

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