1. Screening of oral cancer comes under which level of prevention:

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2. New auxiliary types

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3. Vitamin A prophylaxis is an example of

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4. Ideal requirement of pit and fissure sealant is

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5. In an epidemiological study, the first case which comes to the attention of the investigator is

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6. Which study is used to evaluate the incidence of caries in 12 years old children in a Madhya Pradesh school

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7. Chronic carrier state is seen in all except

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8. Highest amount of saturated fatty acid is seen in

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9. Patient can be diagnosed for improper oral hygiene maintenance by

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10. Concentration of fluoride in salt

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11. Helsinki declaration is for

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12. Plastic wrapper of surgical syringe should be discarded in:

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13. Which of the following is true about Epidemiological survey as compared to clinical trial: 1. Sample size small 2. Cross sectional and longitudinal approach 3. Dental indices are used 4. Control and experimental group

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14. Causative agent for AIDS was established in

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15. Choking off mechanism takes place after topical application of

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16. If mean is less than the median, than the data is said to be

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17. Occurrence of malocclusion in a given population termed as?

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18. The pattern of change of disease trends of mortality and morbidity where the pandemics of infection. are replaced by degenerative and manmade disorders as the main cause of morbidity and mortality is known as:

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19. Which epidemiological study gives the most accurate result?

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20. Application of fluoride varnish after luting a crown has which of the following beneficial action:

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