1. In case of Confounding variable which type of association is seen between disease and factor

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2. Which epidemiological study gives the most accurate result?

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3. Education of young children in school about the harmful effects of soft foods leading to caries is done to prevent dental caries. What is this type of prevention called

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4. World Anti Tobacco Day is?

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5. In caries reductase test slightly conductive shows which color

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6. Late expanding stage of population in India is due to?

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7. Which of the following will cause an increase in the prevalence of disease

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8. Acceptable range of microbial load in water line of dental unit for immunocompromised patient

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9. All of the following are applications of knowing the incubation period of a disease except

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10. When chlorate in water starts to disappear and free chlorine starts to appear, it is called

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11. Standard error of mean is calculated by

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12. Which of the following methods of water fluoridation do not depend on electric assistance for water flow

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13. Comparing means of 3 different groups or datasets is best done by using:

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14. All of the following are true about standard error of mean except:

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15. Residence of three village with three different types of water supply were asked to participate in a study to identify cholera carrier. Because several cholera deaths had occurred in the recent past, virtually everyone present at the time submitted to examination. The proportion of residents in each village who were carriers was computed and compared. This study is a:

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16. In a dental clinic, auxiliary perform duties after personal diagnosis and direction of dentist and patient is sent after his clearance comes under

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17. All of the following are true about cluster sampling except:

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18. In statistical studies, data represents:

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19. Saliva contains which of the following acts as defence mechanism for prevention of dental caries

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20. A standard z score is related to?

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