1. Outdated and expired drugs should be disposed in which of the following manners

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2. STROBE guidelines are applied to:

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3. Which of the following statements about confidence limits/ interval is true:

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4. Vectors may transmit infection by all of the following methods, Except

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5. Consort statement is applicable for

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6. Which of the following types of bias can be reduced by allowing equal interview time

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7. A test has high false positive rate in a community. True is

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8. Incidence rates can be calculated by

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9. An investigator wants to study the association between maternal intake of iron supplements (Yes/ No) and birth weights (in gms) of newborn babies. He collects relevant data from 100 pregnant women and their newborns. What statistical test of hypothesis would you advise for the investigator in this situation?

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10. 85% of lung cancer among smokers was due to their smoking. This is an example of

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11. Results obtained based on resources spend

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12. Disposal method of outdated cytotoxic drugs is:

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13. Specificity of a test measures:

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14. Patient pays a stipulated amount of money towards the treatment is termed

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15. First and foremost, step in biomedical waste disposal is:

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16. Isolation is strictly recommended for

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17. Anganwadi Worker (AWW) is appointed for population

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18. An investigator observes that five independent risk factors influence the occurance of a disease. Which of the following statistical tests should be applied to assess the relationship between these 5 risk factors and the occurance of disease:

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19. In patients of leprosy, Lepromin test is used for:

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20. All of the following are applications of knowing the incubation period of a disease except

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