1. New auxiliary types

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2. Universal Immunization Programme includes all except:

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3. Meta-analysis is helpful in dentistry to:

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4. Vitamin A prophylaxis is an example of

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5. Application of fluoride varnish after luting a crown has which of the following beneficial action:

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6. A dentist assigns a specific task to be done on a patient to a junior doctor. The dentist remains in the set up while the task is carried out but does not continuously watches the task is being carried out. What is this called:

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7. A- learned behaviour which is permanent and consistent but liable to change

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8. Bias can be eliminated by all except:

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9. Shortest incubation period is seen in:

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10. Application of Incubation period is all EXCEPT

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11. All of the following are applications of knowing the incubation period of a disease except

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12. In a positively skewed population distribution with a long tail, which of the following is used as measure of central tendency

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13. Ability of screening test to correctly identify the disease

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14. The pattern of change of disease trends of mortality and morbidity where the pandemics of infection. are replaced by degenerative and manmade disorders as the main cause of morbidity and mortality is known as:

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15. In a normal distribution, 99.73% of the population is covered within how many SD

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16. Specificity of a test measures:

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17. Space maintainers belong to which level of prevention

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18. In a study done in 2014, the socioeconomic status of subjects was associated with incidence of new carious lesions. This type of study design is called:

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19. Yellow bag used for disposal of

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20. Objective of calibrating examiner before survey is to

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