1. Which sounds help determine the labiolingual position of the anterior teeth
2. Labial bar major connector is indicated in all conditions except
3. If deflective contact occurs on balancing side. What is to be grinded in mandibular posterior teeth:
4. in case of tongue tie the major connector of choice is
5. Kennedy bar connector is a type of
6. Most frequently used mandibular major connector is
7. Muscle not involved in buccinator mechanism
8. Angle between major connector and finish line
9. Disadvantage(s) of the I-bar is/are
10. Compared to a set of opposing complete dentures, a maxillary denture opposing a full complement of natural teeth is more often associated with
11. The effectiveness of the indirect retainer will be more when the distance between the fulcrum line and the indirect retainer is
12. Bennett movement is recorded in?
13. A modified hinge non-adjustable articulator is limited in its accuracy to reproduce dynamic jaw movements because it can only reproduce
14. A patient of yours walks into your office with the following complaint" when I smile, my upper denture does not hold". Which area of the denture base needs to be adjusted
15. Embrassure clasp is used in
16. The main disadvantage of combination clasp is
17. arrangement of artificial teeth
18. The posterior palatal seal for a maxillary denture
19. Which of the following is not a type of temporary removable partial denture
20. What is the most likely cause of a maxillary denture dislodging when the patient opens wide or makes extreme lateral excursions?
21. cheek biting in dentures is caused by
22. Increased vertical overlap in anterior teeth is compensated by:
23. beading of the rigid major connector is done to
24. One week after receiving a complete denture a patient returns with an isolated sore spot. The most likely cause is
25. Status of ridge resorption in a complete denture patient can be judged by
26. A patient who wears a complete maxillary denture complains of a burning sensation in the palatal area of his/her mouth .This is indicative of too much pressure being exerted by the denture on the
27. while setting condylar guidance on a 3 pin articulator the incisal pin is
28. In a removable partial denture, the major connector should begin 3- 6mm from the free gingival margin in order to
29. A dental laboratory has fabricated a removable partial denture framework. The framework fits the master cast well but when tried in the mouth a stable fit cannot be achieved. The most likely cause is
30. In a patient with new denture, the viscoelastic property of tissue is stated by
31. Class -I muscle tone is present in cases with
32. Bennett movement of non-working condyle occurs around?
33. True about curve of Wilson
34. Stability in RPD is best contributed by
35. The property involved when a denture base clasp is adjusted is
36. The primary stress bearing area of the maxillary complete denture is the
37. When using fluid wax technique to take impression in RPD,the wax in intimate contact of tissues will show
38. A sudden butt joint between the impression tray and the fluid wax during recording of PPS indicates
39. the terminal end of retentive arm of extracoronal retainer is placed at
40. The muscle of the floor of the mouth in the molar region which requires special attention in the final mandibular denture impression is the
41. Principal problem faced when a mandibular complete denture opposes natural dentition
42. When performing a functional analysis of occlusion, the mandible may be observed to exhibit a shift from centric relation to centric occlusion in all but one of the following directions
43. Maxillary denture is retained by a thin mm of saliva between tissue and the denture. What is this force called?
44. non anatomic teeth are indicated primarily in
45. If a complete mandibular denture causes a burning sensation in the premolar region, this is due to the denture exerting pressure in/on the
46. When making complete dentures, the occlusal plane should be parallel to
47. 2 months after wearing a newly formed mandibular denture, patient returns with complaint of redness and erythema on the lingual side of the alveolar ridge from canine to canine. The denture fitting seems good.What will you do?
48. During construction of immediate complete denture procedure, the sequence of steps is
49. The custom tray used in making a final complete denture impression must
50. A disadvantage of long span flexible major connector in a partial denture is
51. the first step in surveying the cast for removable partial denture is
52. Tissue reaction that is common due to overextension of labial flanges of complete denture is
53. Function of the deep fibres of masseter
54. A removable partial denture is preferable to a fixed bridge when the
55. In removable partial denture design, the surface of the abutment tooth most often altered to provide clasp reciprocity is
56. flexibility of the clasp arm is
57. Retention from rugae is a type of
58. Major drawback of metal denture base:
59. the first step in major connector construction is
60. Hybrid denture is
61. Fulcrum line passes through which of the following components of partial denture assembly
62. The vibrating line of the palate
63. Food lodgement beneath the prosthesis is due to:
64. palatopharyngeal Incompetence is
65. the curve which run from anterior to posterior in the natural dentition is called
66. Pleasure curve?
67. The distobuccal border of the maxillary denture is formed by
68. during benett movement or shift of mandible
69. During recording jaw relations, protrusive records are useful for establishing:
70. Arcon articulator
71. lingual flange of lower denture is
72. A black gutta percha is a thermoplastic impression material which is used for recording impressions for
73. Totally tooth supported prosthesis is
74. Patient comes with only the first molar in the lower arch, the classification is
75. In kennedy classification, the most common arch is
76. Anterior guidance not present in all,except
77. In natural dentition when the anterior teeth are met edge to edge, there is a gap seen in between posterior teeth, this phenomena is known as:
78. Not a sibilant sound
79. a hinge axis facebow records
80. only pure hinge movements of mandible occur at
81. Which of the following are the most appropriate for use as overdenture abutments?
82. most common organism responsible for denture stomatitis
83. Which is wrong about internal rest
84. The line drawn from the border of ala of nose to the superior border of the ear is
85. Type of joint between major and minor connector in RPD
86. a gnatho dynameter is used to record
87. In class II removable partial denture and with opposing natural dentition, occlusion is given by
88. Nesbit prosthesis?
89. Mediolateral curve is
90. A mandibular central incisor is to be extracted and added to a partial denture. The impression to add a tooth to the denture should be made
91. In a bilateral distal extension situation,all of the following clasps used engage undercut close to the edentulous area except
92. facebow is used to transfer
93. For a patient with complete dentures, insufficient space between the maxillary tuberosity and the retromolar pad will require
94. To transfer the axis orbital plane we require
95. Jaw movement in Bennett shift
96. An edentulous patient complains that his denture becomes loose several hours after wearing this indicates
97. In a patient with complete dentures, cheek biting may result from
98. A patient wearing complete dentures complains of tingling and numbness in the lower lip bilaterally. This is often an indication of
99. The path of insertion of RPD is guided by
100. 3rd point facebow transfer along the occlusal plane , aligns the arms of facebow parallel to