1. Minimum distance from the mental foramen that shoulld be maintained when placing an implant adjacent to it

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2. The selective grinding rule for removing premature contacts on the working side of complete dentures is to grind

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3. Permissive type of occlusal splint allows

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4. Gypsum bonded investment material can be used for:

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5. splinting of several teeth together as abutments for a fixed prosthesis is done to

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6. Which of the following is a shrink free ceramic

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7. Which of the following should NOT be corrected with a porcelain veneer?

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8. Where would you place the proximal margin of a partial venner ceramic crown

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9. autogenous graft has property of

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10. To improve denture stability, mandibular molar teeth should normally be placed

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11. True about mandibular implants

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12. Limit of immediate side shift?

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13. The length ofFPD has been increased three times, the deflection would be:

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14. Finish line on the buccal supragingival margin for a porcelain fused to metal(PFM) crown on a maxillary first molar

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15. In Kennedy class 3 RPD, impingement of RPD on gingiva is prevented by

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16. Which of the following will increase the flexibility of a removable partial denture clasp arm?

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17. In a patient with new denture, the viscoelastic property of tissue is stated by

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18. A facebow is used to record the

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19. What is the most likely cause of a maxillary denture dislodging when the patient opens wide or makes extreme lateral excursions?

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20. on closing a denture patient produces a click sound while doing functional movements.the cause may be

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