1. The preparation for a full ceramic crown is begun with occlusal reduction. There should be --------clearance on the functional cusps and about - ------- on the non-functional cusps.

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2. When uprighting a molar to be used as a bridge abutment, consideration must be given to the

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3. The tooth preparation for a porcelain veneer must create a/an

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4. the terminal end of retentive arm of extracoronal retainer is placed at

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5. Dimension of external hex of implant

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6. requirement of full mouth occlusion therapy

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7. training groove is placed in the lower denture

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8. what is the function of guiding plane in a cast partial denture

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9. A fixed partial denture which is fabricated using the lost salt crystal technique

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10. Ideal taper of crown preparation in degree

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11. Which one is not necessarily present in work authorisation order

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12. When making complete dentures, the occlusal plane should be parallel to

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13. the curve which run from anterior to posterior in the natural dentition is called

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14. splinting of several teeth together as abutments for a fixed prosthesis is done to

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15. A seven-eighths crown is a three-quarter crown whose vertical:

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16. In removable partial denture position of finish line is affected by

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17. in a totally edentulous patient with maxillectomy defect the facial artery myomucosal flap(FAMM), is indicated in

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18. A mandibular central incisor is to be extracted and added to a partial denture. The impression to add a tooth to the denture should be made

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19. In a free-end distal extension partial denture, the most effective means of limiting applied loads to abutment teeth is by

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20. When preparing a tooth for either a full-or partial-veneer casting, the functional cusp bevel is an integral part of the occlusal reduction phase. The functional cusp bevel:

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