1. Difference between maximum and minimum diameter of implant is

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2. A removable partial denture rest should be placed on the lingual surface of a canine rather than on the incisal surface because

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3. important diagnostic tool for achieving accurate implant angulation

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4. A patient who wears a complete maxillary denture complains of a burning sensation in the palatal area of his/her mouth .This is indicative of too much pressure being exerted by the denture on the

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5. When uprighting a molar to be used as a bridge abutment, consideration must be given to the

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6. The line drawn through the occlusal rests of two principal abutments is

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7. most common organism responsible for denture stomatitis

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8. Gingival retraction cord is placed for how much minimum time in sulcus?

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9. True about bicuspidization?

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10. Kennedy applegate classification of partially edentulous arch does not allow consideration of

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11. When replacing the four maxillary incisors with FPO, the abutment usually used are

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12. beading of the rigid major connector is done to

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13. Fulcrum line passes through which of the following components of partial denture assembly

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14. After the healing period, the best noninvasive method to verify secondary implant stability and osseointegration of the implant is

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15. if less than one third of the soft palate remaining in an edentulous patient then

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16. Which of the following pontic designs is most likely to cause soft tissue irritation?

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17. The risk of placing a dental implant in HIV positive patient is from

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18. The angulation of occlusal rest seat to the minor connector from which originates is

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19. To transfer the axis orbital plane we require

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20. Anterior guidance not present in all,except

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