1. Heel-raising movement ofRPD is prevented by?

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2. The preparation for a full ceramic crown is begun with occlusal reduction. There should be --------clearance on the functional cusps and about - ------- on the non-functional cusps.

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3. To identify mobile implants at the abutment connection using a reverse- torque test, the force should not exceed:

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4. cheek biting in dentures is caused by

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5. Disadvantage(s) of the I-bar is/are

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6. Mediolateral curve is

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7. The muscle of the floor of the mouth in the molar region which requires special attention in the final mandibular denture impression is the

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8. The higher modulus of elasticity of a chromium-cobalt-nickel alloy, compared to a Type IV gold alloy, means that chromium- cobalt-nickel partial denture clasp will require

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9. for a balanced occlusion when chondylar inclination is increased the compensating curve should be

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10. Implant analogue serves the purpose

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11. Maximum permissible convergence of long axis of tilted abutments for giving a fixed partial denture

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12. a sprue in a wax pattern should be placed

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13. A patient with class III mobility of upper and lower teeth is suggested immediate complete dentures. When both maxillary and mandibular immediate complete dentures are proposed then what is the recommended protocol

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14. In denture midline relief depend on

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15. Which articulator is based on arbitary theories of motion

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16. If a mold that is created for investing and casting does not __________to compensate for the action of the metal alloy, the casting will not fit.

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17. A non-rigid connector is comprised of:

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18. In cases of severe bleeding and lingual hematoma during the placement of the implant in the lower incisor region, which artery do you think is injured:

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19. Reverse smile occurs when:

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20. Advocate for extracting teeth and placing implants when all of the following are true except:

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