1. Embrassure clasp is used in

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2. on closing a denture patient produces a click sound while doing functional movements.the cause may be

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3. Which of the following is not a border movement in the sagittal condylar tracing:

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4. Contact between an implant and a natural tooth is discouraged because:

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5. Which is not true for palatal lift prosthesis in case of completely edentulous?

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6. important diagnostic tool for achieving accurate implant angulation

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7. Minimum space for an implant of 4 mm diameter between two adjacent teeth is

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8. Permissive type of occlusal splint allows

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9. impression material of choice in patients with submucous fibrosis is

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10. The custom tray used in making a final complete denture impression must

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11. in case of tongue tie the major connector of choice is

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12. Palatal plate maxillary major connector should end on

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13. Adjustment of the occlusal plane of natural teeth opposed by a complete or partial denture should be completed

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14. The gingival zenith of the upper lateral incisor is located:

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15. The tooth preparation for a porcelain veneer must create a/an

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16. D1 bone found mainly at?

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17. Which of the following will increase the flexibility of a removable partial denture clasp arm?

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18. Which of the following are the most appropriate for use as overdenture abutments?

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19. cheek biting in dentures is caused by

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20. A non-rigid connector is comprised of:

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