1. Pressure necrosis usually occurs when the implant is placed:

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2. Occlusal Rest in RPD provides all of the following except:

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3. Minimum incisal reduction for all ceramic crown

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4. Where would you place the proximal margin of a partial venner ceramic crown

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5. chamfer finish line is used in

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6. All of the following are relative contraindications for sinus floor elevation except:

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7. how long prior to taking an impression shoud the retraction cord be left in place

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8. In Inlay and 3 fourth crowns, main purpose of bevel is?

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9. According to Kois, the five diagnostic elements required before immediate placement of an implant in the esthetic zone include all of the following except:

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10. Which of the following is not a type of temporary removable partial denture

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11. What is the most stable area for support of a mandibular complete denture?

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12. The lateral forces induced by cantilever prosthesis may lead to

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13. Direct connection between bone and body of the implant at microscopic level is:

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14. Not a sibilant sound

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15. Implant distance from anterior aspect of inferior alveolar canal loop should be

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16. Rests on terminal abutment teeth for a cast metal removable partial denture provides

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17. what could be the possible reason of sensitivity after 1 week of cementing laminates

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18. The drawback of manual implant placement relative to motor placement is:

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19. Which of the following base elements is/are used to form oxide. layer in metal ceramic restoration?

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20. A sudden butt joint between the impression tray and the fluid wax during recording of PPS indicates

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