1. a sprue in a wax pattern should be placed

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2. The main disadvantage of combination clasp is

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3. Arcon articulator

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4. Which of the following can be done to increase resistance form of an excessively tapered preparation:

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5. True about mandibular implants

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6. for a patient with missing canine what type of prosthesis will we prefer

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7. The path of insertion of RPD is guided by

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8. Which sounds help determine the labiolingual position of the anterior teeth

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9. The effectiveness of the indirect retainer will be more when the distance between the fulcrum line and the indirect retainer is

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10. Angle between major connector and finish line

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11. while performing resection in partial Maxillectomy cases resection line should pass from

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12. All of the following metals are considered to be base metals EXCEPT one.Which one is the EXCEPTION?

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13. When designing a removable partial denture, changing the tilt of the cast on the surveyor alters the

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14. Minimum distance from the mental foramen that shoulld be maintained when placing an implant adjacent to it

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15. After implant placement, the most significant drop in implant stability occurs after:

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16. Maximum intercuspation on a complete denture should be established to correspond with centric relation because

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17. In Kennedy class 3 RPD, impingement of RPD on gingiva is prevented by

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18. Major connector of RPD should be

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19. the first step in surveying the cast for removable partial denture is

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20. The absolute maximum number of posterior teeth that can be safely replaced with a fixed bridge is

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