1. To identify mobile implants at the abutment connection using a reverse- torque test, the force should not exceed:

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2. Which of the following is NOT correlated to early implant failure?

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3. Limit of immediate side shift?

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4. on closing a denture patient produces a click sound while doing functional movements.the cause may be

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5. The primary stress bearing area of the maxillary complete denture is the

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6. the correctly placed posterior palatal seal creates

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7. for a balanced occlusion when chondylar inclination is increased the compensating curve should be

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8. While recording mandibular impression, what is recorded when patient is asked to close the mouth and dentist exerts downward pressure

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9. Which type of dental ceramic is the best in mimicking the optical properties of enamel and dentin?

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10. what could be the possible reason of sensitivity after 1 week of cementing laminates

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11. In kennedy-applegate classification, the deciding factor is

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12. Post palatal seal provides

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13. 3 unit FPD is cemented. Patient now complains of chipping of porcelain. What should be done?

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14. adaptive centric is not seen in

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15. Bar clasps have

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16. During recording jaw relations, protrusive records are useful for establishing:

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17. In a patient with new denture, the viscoelastic property of tissue is stated by

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18. Main concern during prosthodontics surgery and better prosthetic prognosis?

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19. The path of insertion for an anterior 3/4 crown should:

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20. Which of the following is the most accurate to measure the height of the floor of the mouth?

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