1. Velopharyngeal incompetence is treated by

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2. To identify mobile implants at the abutment connection using a reverse- torque test, the force should not exceed:

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3. Increase in columella philtrum angle is seen due to:

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4. A seven-eighths crown is a three-quarter crown whose vertical:

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5. the first step in surveying the cast for removable partial denture is

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6. arrangement of artificial teeth

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7. Totally tooth supported prosthesis is

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8. The first ceramic crowns and inlays were made by

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9. Which of the following best describes the term "quenching"?

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10. facebow is used to transfer

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11. Implant distance from anterior aspect of inferior alveolar canal loop should be

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12. In a patient with new denture, the viscoelastic property of tissue is stated by

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13. which of the following landmarks is used to determine the height of the occlusal plane of the posterior teeth in a mandibular complete denture

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14. Assuming a maxillary cast is accurately mounted on an articulator, a centric relation record is used to

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15. Shape of cingulum rest in a cast partial denture

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16. The first step in recording jaw relations

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17. Reinforcing crystals in ln-Ceram are made up of

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18. Which of the following articulators is fully adjustable?

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19. for a balanced occlusion when chondylar inclination is increased the compensating curve should be

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20. GPT(glossary of prosthodontics terms) was published in which year?

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