1. Minimum space for an implant of 4 mm diameter between two adjacent teeth is

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2. A facebow is used to record the

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3. Pontic most commonly used for anterior teeth

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4. According to Siebert's classification, class I type of residual ridge defromity is

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5. Disadvantage(s) of the I-bar is/are

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6. The advantages of removable prostheses over the fixed in implant dentistry include all of the following except

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7. In which surveyor,spring mounted horizontal arm is seen

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8. The maxillary cast partial denture major connector design with the greatest potential to cause speech problems is

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9. The full palatal major connector is indicated where

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10. minimum occlusal clearance on centric cusp for cast metal is

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11. When the lateral widow approach is used for maxillary sinus elevation, the operator relies on a 3- mm perforation of the Schneiderian membrane. A high incidence of Schneiderian membrane peroration with a lateral approach occurs during:

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12. GPT(glossary of prosthodontics terms) was published in which year?

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13. Movement of removable partial denture , around an imaginary vertical axis is stopped by

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14. Not a sibilant sound

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15. Compared to a set of opposing complete dentures, a maxillary denture opposing a full complement of natural teeth is more often associated with

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16. A black gutta percha is a thermoplastic impression material which is used for recording impressions for

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17. Jaw movement in Bennett shift

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18. Post palatal seal provides

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19. Major drawback of metal denture base:

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20. Bennett movement of non-working condyle occurs around?

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