1. Which of the following is evident on the radiograph
2. Diamonds remove tooth structure more efficiently than steel burs, but they leave undesirably rough surfaces and irregular cavosurface finish lines.
3. True about carbamoyl phosphate synthase
4. Which of the following statements is true regarding the choice between doing a composite or amalgam restoration?
5. Which of these is not a part of ethmoid bone
6. During inferior alveolar nerve block, the needle is located in:
7. Cabbage-like odour is seen in
8. Which one of the following skeletal muscle relaxants causes pain on injection
9. Most commonly used blade for oral cavity:
10. Which of the following soft tissues of the oro facial region mature first:
11. Identify the clasp assembly seen in the image
12. Which of the following muscles adducts the vocal cords?
13. Pentameric structure:
14. Neonatal teeth are
15. Appliance shown in the picture is used for breaking which habit
16. Best view for horizontally favourable and unfavourable angle fracture:
17. Identify the salivary gland tumor which has marked tendency to spread through perineural spaces
18. A major difference between total-etch and selfetching primer dentin bonding systems include all of the following except _____.
19. According to Cron, the tooth starts erupting after
20. Which of the following movements are performed by a non-working condyle
21. The propylene glycol in IV valium can cause:
22. Which one of the following is a good index of the severity of an acute disease?
23. Buprenorphine is
24. Sickle cell anaemia is caused due to:
25. Second gas effect is exerted by which of the following gas when coadministered with halothane
26. Recently two methods of cPAP: conventional and bubble cPAP were compared. In the conventional method, 90 out of 160 showed extubation failure while 40 out of 160 showed extubation failure in the bubble method. Which test would be the best to compare the statistical significance between the rates of extubation failure in the two tests
27. In which part of oral cavity mucous menbrane is the thinnest
28. Diameter of adult tooth brush range
29. Which of the following is a cause of delayed healing of a fracture:
30. A patient complaints of multiple episodes of blood stained vomits .On examination, he has a saddle nose and typical strawberry gingivitis. what is the probable diagnosis?
31. 2% solution of copper sulphate followed by sodium bicarbonate application is needed for treating
32. Toxoids are
33. Morphine a powerful opioid analgesic drug shuld be avoided in all of the following conditions except
34. In which surveyor,spring mounted horizontal arm is seen
35. Nerve supply to musculature of tongue is:
36. Diabetic patient with periodontitis have significantly higher level of ______________ in GCF
37. Methemoglobinemia true is:
38. Tanaka Johnson analysis uses width of which teeth to estimate the width of maxillary canine and premolars:
39. A patient walks into your office for an emergency visit. He asks the receptionist for a cold glass of water and seems to be tilting his head sideways as to hold the water on one side of his mouth. Immediately, you suspect which reason for his visit?
40. Which of the following statement(s) is(are) true regarding treatment of a tooth presenting with a sinus tract?
41. Which of the following nutrients are not included in Total Parental Nutrition
42. You are instrumenting a canal with a size 30, 25 mm k-type file. What does each of the sizes denote, respectively?
43. Mean respiratory rate in different kind of smokers and nonsmokers, categorized as four categories mild, moderate, heavy and nonsmoker. test used to assess the means between them -
44. Maxillary cast is attached to articulator by:
45. Caisson disease
46. A patient had come with a painful ulcerated lesion on the lip along with enlarged lymph nodes.He was diagnosed with syphilis.Which stage of syphilis is he in
47. Not a part of RED complex:
48. Leeway space is due to
49. the correctly placed posterior palatal seal creates
50. A patient has recurrent attacks of asthma that occur most frequently after aspirin administration. Which of the following is the pathogenetic mechanism in this form of asthma?
51. When making a diagnosis as to the vitality of a tooth, you employ the electric pulp tester. You obtain a measurement that suggests the tooth is necrotic. With this information alone, you can determine that:
52. Most common presentation of extrapulmonary TB
53. In an edentulous maxilla, the direction of resorption of the alveolar ridge is
54. Krebs cycle does not occur in
55. In Steiner's analysis, SNA is 82 degrees. This indicates:
56. Which of the following is the most accurate to measure the height of the floor of the mouth?
57. Comprehensive school based dental care for whole country is adopted by
58. Oronasal intubation is not indicated in:
59. Which of the following is most likely to decrease in skeletal muscles during exercise?
60. ehler danlos syndrome is
61. In the clotting process, as the hemostatic plug develops, fibrin polymerizes into monomeric threads that are held together by noncovalent bonds. Which clotting protein increases the strength of the clot by cross-linking the newly formed fibrin threads?
62. the heat treatment of soaking the alloy at a high temp to produce a solid solution followed by quenching is known as
63. A light bluish dome shaped lesion on the inside lip of a 2 yr old child is mostly
64. Aminoglycosides cause all of the following except
65. dental impression compound is characterised by having a
66. With advancing age pattern of bone resorption in mandible becomes:
67. Widest spectrum aminoglycoside is
68. iron deficiency anemia shows
69. Which of the following has a non odontogenic origin
70. Possible etiology of internal resorption:
71. the most important bufer system in the saliva is
72. For a dental hand instrument with a formula of 10-8.5-8, the number 10 refers to _____.
73. When making a diagnosis, the primary goal of your diagnostic tests is to reproduce the chief complaint. You test the suspected tooth for percussion sensitivity and palpation sensitivity. Your positive percussion findings can be interpreted as follows:
74. Pyruvate kinase is inhibited by
75. Candida albicans causes all of the following except
76. In an ideal Class I occlusion, the cusp of which mandibular tooth is in contact with the central fossa of the maxillary second molar?
77. A Path finder survey for oral health needs to be done at 12 sites for 4 index age groups at each site. What should be the sample size for the survey
78. In cardio pulmonary resuscitation chest compressions are done:
79. Polyglycolic acid suture is:
80. Proper radiographic infection control includes all of the following except one. Which one is the exception?
81. Pulse rate in infant is normally:
82. When permanent maxillary lateral incisors are congenitally missing, the permanent canine may often erupt:
83. Following is added to zinc polycarboxylate to improve its manageability:
84. Styloglossus action is:
85. type of collagen present in hyaline cartilage is
86. Best test to evaluate syphilis after treatment is
87. Alkaptonuria an inherited metabolic disorder is due to defiiciency of
88. which of the following is used to detect the chromosomal differences between neoplastic cells and their normal counterparts
89. The auriculotemporal nerve encircles which of the following vessels?
90. Beta subunit of insulin receptor binds to
91. Hallucinations are seen after following anaesthesia
92. The term "balanced anaesthesia" has been given by
93. Virus is usually cultured in:
94. impression material of choice in patients with submucous fibrosis is
95. Which of the following is not true for lidocaine
96. Killer and Helper cells are part of:
97. Most common site of zygomatic arch fracture is
98. Lactate is formed in all except
99. NSAID given in once daily dose is
100. Hemolytic Streptococci can cause serious cross infections in hospital settings. These bacteria usually harbor which site in health workers working in the hospitals:
101. Which hormone increases the gingival vascular permeability and increases chances of gingival disease caused by infective micro-organisms
102. dental plaster powder and dental stone powder differ mainly in
103. which of the following is required for conversion of prothombin to thrombin
104. Space for eruption of permanent mandibular molars is created by
105. At what age the calcification of deciduous teeth starts
106. Vertical food Impaction can be due to all except
107. A lady with an Infant reported to clinic with the complaint of white teeth like structure, at the level of gingiva in mandibular anterior region. What should dentist do?
108. A patient has Hemoglobin of 6 gm%. Which of the following should not be administered:
109. A previously well-controlled periodontal patient now demonstrates the presence of bleeding in 60% of sites and significantly increased probing depths. The patient has most likely developed
110. Exclusive of third molars, the permanent dentition is usually completely erupted by the age of
111. Maxillary sinus is seen in
112. Actinomycosis is sensitive to
113. Medial squint occurs due to lesion of:
114. The major objectives of access preparation include all of the following except which one?
115. Dilatation of the pupil In head injury is due to
116. Necrotizing ulcerative gingivitis (NUG) and acute herpetic gingivostomatitis can be differentiated clinically by (the)
117. Which of the following orthognathic surgery is shown in picture
118. JAK-STAT kinase receptors is associated with
119. a patient sustains an injury to mandible. Which is the best projection for evaluation of the condylar neck and ramus area
120. The procedure shown in the picture is
121. All of the following statements are true except:
122. The dentogingival unit is composed of
123. Sulphonamides act by
124. Stage of surgical anesthesia during ether administration is
125. Modes of attachment of calculus to the tooth surface include all of the following, EXCEPT
126. All of the following statements about pain are correct except
127. A divided pulp canal is most likely to occur in the
128. The most common congenitally missing primary tooth is the:
129. Which of these amino acids does not enter the krebs cycle by forming Acetyl-CoA via pyruvate
130. Statins are used for cholesterol reduction, It antagonises HMG COA reductase. What kind of inhibition is seen
131. Which tooth is the only anterior tooth in either dentition to have a shorter inciso-cervical height than the mesio-distal width?
132. an Angle Class I occlusion, the mesiobuccal cusp of the maxillary first molar occludes with
133. Co-factor for phosphofructokinase is
134. Which of the following is the normal arrangement of lingual nerve and vessels in the tongue from medial to lateral?
135. Pleoniorphic' shape of bacteria signifies:
136. Which of the following test is used to compare the chromosomes between normal and neoplastic cells or for detecting genetic transfer of disease:
137. Which projection is best for examining zygomatic arch fractures?
138. The number of branches of the internal carotid artery in neck is /are :-
139. What type of movement is shown here?

140. Which of the following is evident on the radiograph
141. RPI clasp in a distal extension cast partial denture
142. Most common cause of seizures in a patient of AIDS is
143. nikolsky sign is not seen in
144. Primary teeth are lighter than permanent teeth because
145. Maxillary 1st molar cusp used in Angle classification
146. Vertical dimension at rest can be defined as
147. Least diffusible ion among following
148. Dontrix gauze is used to:
149. EB virus is associated with which carcinoma:
150. All of the following are morphological neurological complication of measles except
151. Maximum amount of air that can be inhaled:
152. Most common form of brain herniation is
153. Microorganisms associated with periodontal health are all of the following, EXCEPT:
154. Effects associated with cold working i.e lowered ductility and distorted grains can be eliminated by process known as
155. A patient with hereditary fructose intolerance is deficient in which of the following enzymes
156. Excessive bleeding occurring during oral surgery can be minimized by maintaining the patient at
157. Most common relationship of the primary molars in deciduous dentition:
158. Which articulator is based on arbitary theories of motion
159. If gold content of the alloy decreases:
160. Receptor for inverse Stretch reflex
161. After spleenectomy patient becomes more prone to
162. True about charge in amino acid
163. Local anesthetics stop axonal conduction by blocking:
164. Insulin does not facilitate glucose uptake in the following except
165. Heparin is secreted by:
166. While obturation selection of master cone is based on:
167. A general anesthetic should not be used for an elective surgical procedure in a patient with less than:
168. Which of the following is the best indication for transfer of maternal blood components to an infant:
169. Iron is absorbed from
170. Cardiac arrythmias are most commonly seen during administration of
171. Direction of the enamel rods in the deciduous and permanent teeth is
172. Which vitamin is essential for metabolism of sulphur containing amino acids
173. With incresed age and irritation which form of dentin is laid down
174. In the drawing below, which area stabilizes the clamp to the tooth.
175. Multiple drug resistance is transferred through
176. The picture below shows which of the following combination of orthognathic surgeries
177. Which of the following serves as a principal source of carbon for nonessential amino acids
178. A trauma patient with bleeding in emergency is not able to maintain tongue position voluntarilyThe tongue is best managed by
179. The crowns of all 20 primary teeth begin to calcify between:
180. Cubital tunnel syndrome occurs due to compression of which structure:
181. All are of adult size at birth except
182. Angulation of needle during suturing as the needle enters the tissue:
183. Mother of a child is worried about green stains on the recently erupted upper anterior teeth of her child. The stains are most probably due to:
184. Not an extrinsic membrane of larynx
185. which of the following bacteria do not invade host tissue cell
186. Osteotomes differ from chisels In that they are
187. Suture with least adhesion to tissues and high plasticity is:
188. In the maxilla the molar tooth germs develop, with their occlusal surfaces facing first
189. Distal part of the impacted third molar is covered by ascending ramus. What is the classification
190. An overextended distobuccal corner of a mandibular denture will push against which muscle during function
191. Which of the following bacteria are most commonly associated with pregnancy associated gingivitis?
192. The hypercalcification lines that separate lamellae of cellular cementum from that of acellular cementum are known as
193. The blood in vessels normally doesn't clot because:
194. A Common site for intramuscular injection in adults:
195. Which of the following is evident on the radiograph
196. In an infant, the gum pad is separated from palate by:
197. "Classical phenyl ketonuria" is caused by deficiency of
198. When a calcified root canal cannot be located or instrumented
199. All of the following statements concerning teratology or teratogens are true, except:
200. Which is the earliest symptom of Parkinsonism
201. Which index correlates the maturational status of a tooth to its developmental stage:
202. Type 1 muscle fibres are
203. Bacterial enzyme which causes inactivation of allergy mediating immunoglobulin
204. True regarding Non accidental traumatic fractures all except:
205. In an Angle Class I occlusion, which cusp of which permanent tooth moves between the mesiolingual and distolingual cusps of the mandibular second molar in a working side movement?
206. which of the following is the least radiosensitive tissues
207. Most of the drug resistance occurs due to
208. Which of the following is not true when fixing the matrix band for filling a Class 2 cavity with amalgam? The matrix band should
209. an epidemiological index with a true biological gradient is
210. Rancid butter smelling of urine is seen in
211. A 6 year old patient reports with greenish blue swelling distal to deciduous 2nd molar. Treatment would be:
212. Infection of dangerous area of face leads to
213. An ovoid radiolucency found located in the inferior border of posterior mandible region, which contains salivary gland tissue is
214. Right 12th nerve damage leads to
215. Wernicke's area is associated with:
216. Facial index of 85.6% means:
217. Immunity that is conferred to the foetus by transfer of IgG and IgA antibodies is called as
218. A facebow is used to record the
219. nickel is added to wrought gold alloys as
220. hydroxylation of phenylalanine to tyrosine requires
221. Snow man appearance or figure of 8 appearance is seen in
222. ____ is degraded by Streptococcus mutans into ____ and ___ , thereby causing caries initiation and progression.
223. Which of the following regions of the nephron is capable of the greatest level of sodium reabsorption?
224. The type of bone present in the labial anterior teeth is
225. Which of the following is not a technique for protein precipitation
226. During a surgical procedure, cranial nerves IX and X are accidentally cut bilaterally. What would be the immediate change in the patient's hemodynamic condition?
227. Diagnodent is based on the
228. The most common pathway of glycolysis
229. What role do the lungs play in the pathogenesis of systemic hypertension?
230. Which of the following is found in the respiratory zone of the lung?
231. Which of the following lung volumes or capacities cannot be measured directly using simple spirometry?
232. Elevation of glucose by corticosteroids is counteracted by insulin is an example
233. Young's modulus is defined as:
234. replacing alanine by which amino acid will increase UV absorption of protein at 280um wavelength
235. Most common tumour of mandible in India is:
236. Antibody to HSV will begin to appear
237. True about hemorrhage
238. Antrum of highmore' is nother name of
239. Kennedy applegate classification of partially edentulous arch does not allow consideration of
240. Increasing urine flow rate from 1 mL/min to 10 mL/min will significantly increase the clearance of
241. Dental plaque contains
242. The most common pathogens responsible for nosocomial pneumonias in the ICU are