1. During radiographic imaging, predominant X-rays are produced by:


2. What is the most reliable indicator with respect to the timing of treatment for growth modification?


3. Blood transfusion reaction occurs due to:


4. Interceptive orthodontic treatment using appliances to treat the effects of oral habits should


5. Tirofiban is a


6. Normal role of Micro RNA is


7. Best site of implant placement in edentulous?


8. Which is not anterior triangle of neck


9. Hay fever and allergies to certain foods are examples of:


10. DEPTH AT which impacted tooth is located is measured by


11. A steep mandibular plane angle correlates with a:


12. characteristic ‘tram line’ calcifications in the skull radiographs is observed in


13. Ionotropic effect of thyroid hormone is by


14. The technique of prophylactic odontotomy was introduced by


15. Cariogram is given by


16. All of the following structures pass through the esophageal hiatus of the diaphragm, except


17. A Inlay is:


18. Postural hypotension is the adverse effect associated with


19. only maxillary tuberosity remaining after maxillectomy then what type of attachment should be used along with implant


20. Animal test used to check biocompatibility of dental material is all except


21. The level of implant platform placement is:


22. The long axis of mandilbular condyle is directed


23. Prior to the correction of a one tooth anterior crossbite, the principle factor to consider is the


24. Sodium iodine symporter is not present in


25. In which of the following scenarios would you consider using solvent softened custom cones


26. The risk of placing a dental implant in HIV positive patient is from


27. In orthodontic stainless steel wire which of the following is used to reduce hardness?


28. While treating increased anterior overbite while keeping mandibular plane angle same, increase in molar height is compensated by:


29. Which antisialogogue is contraindicated in glaucoma


30. a sprue in a wax pattern should be placed


31. A 3 year old requires the extraction of a deciduous maxillary second molar. The local anesthetic technique of choice is


32. The recommended margin for laminate veneers is:


33. Canine fossa of maxilla gives origin to


34. In HIV infection, which of the following is seen?


35. Number of fontanelle present at birth


36. During an inferior alveolar nerve block injection, the needle passes through the mucous membrane and the buccinator muscle and lies lateral to the:


37. Increased BP and falling pulse rate depicts:


38. Weakness in posterior pharyngeal wall leading to formation of Pharyngeal pouch is also called as:


39. Pupils in syncope appear:


40. Chromosomal damage maximum during radiotherapy when there is damage to


41. Principle disadvantage of minocycline in triple antibiotic paste:


42. Couple in orthodontics means:


43. Neurons in sympathetic ganglia are


44. All of the following are types of tooth movement EXCEPT one. Which one is the EXCEPTION?


45. Local anesthetic agent used in a patient with a history of allergy to LA agents is


46. Reinforcing crystals in ln-Ceram are made up of


47. All of the following statements about Diploic veins are true Except:


48. The commonly available most potent topical anaesthetic


49. A nephrocalcinosis treated patient and on omeprazole for last 3 weeks, has midline crossing lesion in the lower jaw, radiolucent, hazy trabeculae,giant cells , expanding cortical plates .Diagnosis is


50. Farmer’s Lung is caused due to exposure to


51. Incorrect about restrictive cardiomyopathy


52. Maturation of spermatozoa takes place in


53. The primary metabolic effect of the principal hormone secreted by the alpha cells of the pancreas is


54. Which of the following is not a point angle of a MO Class II cavity?


55. Baby can breathe even while suckling because of:


56. Calcium channel blocker preferred in hypertensive emergency is


57. BEST method of intubation in patient undergoing Rx for oral surgery


58. Recall bias is most commonly associated with which study design


59. In a study, significant relation is found between obesity and caries. However, the data for the study was collected only from food manufacturers and hospitals. This type of study design is called


60. a primary function of the basal ganglia is


61. Which of the following is a commonly used laboratory disinfectant:


62. Which one of the following is a junction of frontal, parietal, temporal and greater wing of sphenoid bone


63. Fastest X-ray film


64. Antidote for nicotine poisoning is


65. Most frequently damaged cranial nerve with a motor component:


66. The pharyngeal plexus is comprised of which of the following combination of nerves?


67. The vaccine currently used against hepatitis B infection is


68. Which of these describes permanent dilatation and distortion of bronchioles


69. cavosurface margin angulation in chamfer finish line is


70. Structural durability is a?


71. The most common pin used in restorative procedures is a(an) _____.


72. A patient presents to the emergency department with history of persistant fever and cough. Radiological features are suggestive of pneumonia. Sputum examination cultures reveal aerobic branching grain positive filaments that are partially acid fast. Which of the following is the most likely etiological agent.


73. A 21-year-old woman went to her dentist because of facial asymmetry. This asymmetry had developed gradually over 3 years. The patient had no symptoms. A diffusely opaque lesion was found in her right maxilla. All laboratory tests (complete blood count, alkaline phosphatase, calcium) were within normal limits. A biopsy specimen was interpreted as a fibro-osseous lesion. This patient most likely has ______.


74. Presence of verrucay bodies and having predilection for occurrence in the tongue are seen in


75. Nucleosomes are


76. All are true about Dengue haemorrhagic fever except


77. Best view for Zygomatic arch fractures:


78. All of the following structures pierce the buccinator muscle Except:


79. Thumb is related to which dermatome:


80. One of the important signs for diffrential diagnosis of creidocranial dysostosis and craniofacial dysostosis is the presence or absence of a pair of bones. The bones refereed to are the


81. In acute Hepatitis B infection all are seen except:


82. A 10 year old child with no previous caries experience has proximal carious lesions in the enamel only of several primary molars. How should the lesions be managed?


83. Dental amalgam, when used in the restoration of a cusp should be


84. at the atomic level x ray photons lose their energy through


85. Which of the following can differentiate between cardiac tamponade and tension pneumothorax


86. On complete hydrolysis of DNA we will get all of the following except


87. Adjuvant used in DPT vaccine is


88. How much is the connective tissue width around an implant


89. Most common cause of pleural effusion in AIDS patients


90. Anaerobic bacteria obtain their energy requirements from which of the following reactions?


91. Which of these is most promising soft tissue investigation:


92. according to recent research, following is true about of pattern of enamel prism demineraliation


93. Rake angle is:


94. On streching the cheek the lesion disappears in


95. Which of the following is not a cardioselective beta blocker


96. Which of the following cranial structures are insensitive to pain


97. A nystatin rinse is effective in ocntrolling which of the following oral infections?


98. All of the following amino acids are component of collagen except


99. Cyclosposine inhibits


100. At a six month recall visit, which of the following indicates that gingivitis has progressed to periodontitis?


101. Trap door technique is used for harvesting what type of graft


102. Nerve supply of buccinator muscle?


103. In which of the following disease, the overall survival is increased by screening procedure


104. Major site of growth of the mandible:


105. Aflatoxins are produced by


106. Which of the following is true about calcification of teeth


107. Emergency measure to be taken with caustic ingestion


108. Phoenix abscess is:


109. Which of the following should be performed to ensure a well-adapted and functional stainless steel crown?


110. The path of insertion for an anterior 3/4 crown should:


111. Right coronary artery arises from which sinus:


112. A patient experiences episodic abdominal pain, especially after the ingestion of a fatty meal. The action of which of the following hormones is most likely to be responsible for the postprandial intensification of the symptoms?


113. in a totally edentulous patient with maxillectomy defect the facial artery myomucosal flap(FAMM), is indicated in


114. Which lymph nodes directly receive lymph from the anterior two-thirds of the tongue (except the tip)?


115. Enzymes that move a molecular group from one molecule to another are known as


116. Which of the following are involved in the path for parasympathetic innervation of the parotid gland


117. What are the components of a developing solution?


118. Patient pays a stipulated amount of money towards the treatment is termed


119. The carious lesion always appears smaller on the radiograph than it actually is. Likewise, microscopic observation of ground sections of teeth reveal that the progress of the lesion through the enamel and dentin is more extensive than it is evident on the radiograph.


120. Consort statement is applicable for


121. The eruption of teeth in active and passive phases was defined by


122. Muscle spindle detects


123. Absolute refractory period of a neuron is:


124. Adolescent age group is defined as:


125. Organism involved in cellulitis is


126. Hay fever and allergies to certain foods are examples of:


127. Simplifying the fracture is done in


128. Stiffness is:


129. a developer at high temperature will cause


130. Palladium and platinum are added to base metal alloys to:


131. The crista galli is a superior extension of which of the following bones?


132. Fracture caused during detachment of crown cemented with polyacrylic cements occurs in


133. Sputum can be disinfected by all except:


134. release of synaptic vesicles from the presynaptic terminals is inhibited by


135. Slow wave sleep is associated with


136. Highly radiosensitive cells are


137. Which of the following statements about Troponin C is true? Troponin C


138. Which of the following structures pass through the parotid gland


139. Finish Line prepared in full veneer crown is


140. Which of the following passes through the foramen magnum


141. At age 9, a pt needs his tooth #30 extracted due to caries. What is the proper space maintenance treatment?


142. In metal ceramic restoration, the ceramic is bonded to metal


143. Cervical burnout is phenomenon seen in


144. Which of the following is not inserted in retromolar pad:


145. Continuous heavy orthodontic forces cause:


146. A middle-aged patient develops acromegaly. Which of the following pair of hormones normally regulates the hormone responsible for the symptoms seen with this disease?


147. Which structure supplies multiple intersegmental regions in lungs:


148. Problem of recall bias is seen in:


149. Which of the following uses alogarithm


150. Lateral atlanto-axial joint belongs to the variety of


151. Which of the following is a resorbable Bio- ceramic?


152. Incidence rates can be calculated by


153. Reproximation procedure in orthodontics denotes:


154. The recommended time Interval between the radiation and surgery to avoid osteoradionecrosis is


155. Finish line of choice for acrylic jacket crown:


156. If a carious lesion approaches pulp, the pain is referred to the adjacent teeth. The nerve fibres responsible for this are the:


157. An abscess is:


158. Leukotriene antagonists are used in bronchial asthma


159. Matrix vesicles


160. Alveolar bone grafting in a cleft palate patient is done:


161. Fastest conduction is for


162. When a pit and fissure sealant is placed over early but noncavitated caries


163. The most significant factor in determining the prognosis of anterior crossbite correction is the


164. Visual processing center is located in


165. In treating mentally, retarded children, one generally finds that they


166. White line in Winter’s WAR lines represents:


167. Which of the following primary teeth differ most from the permanent teeth that replace them


168. Most common Non rigid type of connector in FPD:


169. Steroids or not indicated in the treatment of


170. Quality of bone classification was given by


171. Most important plasma buffer:


172. low CSF protein may be seen in all of the following conditions except


173. Segmentation of blood in blood vessel after death is called as


174. In a fixed bridge, the most favorable ratio for an abutment tooth is when the root


175. Brush heap structure is seen in:


176. The gingival zenith of the upper lateral incisor is located:


177. Pseudohyphae is characteristic of


178. Most effective management in medically intractable seizures


179. In Winters classification, Red line indicates:


180. The common complication of the local anesthetic prilocaine is


181. Least amount of mercury is required in


182. Speech problems in cleft palate patients are due to


183. Beta blocker with additional alpha blocking activity:


184. A child suffers from trauma which causes lateral luxation of the primary central incisor. The incisor is not in occlusion and does not cause interference. What should be done


185. Melanocytes are derived from which of the following?


186. Physical examination of a woman with advanced, metastatic lung cancer demonstrates hyperpigmentation of skin, even in areas protected from the sun. ACTH levels are found to be elevated. Tumor inducement of which endocrine organ is most likely?


187. Filgrastim is


188. Patients with down`s syndrome normally have


189. Skin fold measurement test is done for


190. When replacing the four maxillary incisors with FPO, the abutment usually used are


191. Gas used for Conscious sedation:


192. Pterygoid trismus is caused due to which nerve block:


193. The advantages of a screw- retained prosthesis over cemented one include all of the following except:


194. Anti-coagulant of choice for heparin induced thrombocytopenia is


195. When the lingual artery is injured during implant placement in the lower anterior area, immediate management includes:


196. In case of hill journey, antimotion sickness drugs are best administered at


197. Which of the following causes of orofacial pain is not associated with vascular origin


198. Which of the following is not used for thromboprophylaxis


199. Pitch refers to:


200. Atypical dentin is formed due to defect in


201. Treatment of primary herpectic gingivostomatitis should include


202. A 9 year old child with developing facial asymmetry and maxillary constriction and unilateral posterior cross bite comes to you for treatment. What will you do?


203. How much fluids are given to a patient postoperatively in 24 hours:


204. Most common route for metastasis of oral cancer is by


205. According to Simon classification, movement of teeth towards Frankfort plane is called:


206. Aspirin reduces fever and cause anticoagulation by inhibiting which of the following pathways?


207. The virus associated with nasopharyngeal carcinoma is


208. Maintainance recall procedures include all of the following except


209. Which of the following structures converge to form the pterygomandibular raphe?


210. Overhangs on restorations initiate chronic inflammatory periodontal disease by


211. The first number on those instruments having three-number formula, indicates the


212. Most of the fractured mandibular condyle dislocations takes place in:


213. Residence of three village with three different types of water supply were asked to participate in a study to identify cholera carrier. Because several cholera deaths had occurred in the recent past, virtually everyone present at the time submitted to examination. The proportion of residents in each village who were carriers was computed and compared. This study is a:


214. Smoking causes maximum damage to cilia in respiratory epithelium due to


215. When instrumenting and subsequently obturating a root canal, the length should be determined by the:


216. radiographically level of normal alveolar crest is related to


217. Which of the following gingival margins is occasionally indicated on tilted teeth


218. Digoxin is contraindicated in


219. Irradiation can be used to sterilize A/E –


220. hammock ligament is present


221. Sensory nerve supply of the TMJ?


222. Primordial germ cell is derived from:


223. Floating teeth’ are seen in which of the following conditions?


224. Telomerase is


225. A mother donated a kidney to her daughter, what type of graft is it


226. A polyp may arise in connection with


227. Hemorrhage of dental origin are best controlled by:


228. A 3 year old child suffered traumatic lateral luxation injury to his upper central incisor. The tooth is not mobile and does not interfere in occlusion. What should be done


229. Following modification occurs in Gs subunit which leads to watery diarrhoea in cholera


230. Still’s disease is a juvenile form of


231. Which of the following space maintainers is/are most appropriate for a patient with the bilateral loss of mandibular first primary molars prior to the eruption of the permanent molars and permanent incisors?


232. In the double cone pattern of proximal caries extending through enamel and dentin, the apices of the two cones


233. What will happen if MTA is mixed for more than 4 minutes:


234. Which is the most potent topical anesthetic:


235. The nerve supply of stapedius muscle is:


236. What of the following is the best method to measure the degree to which two variables move together in a distribution


237. How much overjet can be successfully managed using dentofacial orthopedics:


238. Carry over effect is seen in


239. One of the anatomical structure of value in preventing displacement of simple mandibular fracture is


240. Fluorides are effective in the prevention of dental caries by


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