1. LMW heparin is preferred over unfractionated heparin because

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2. Ether is still used as a general anesthetic in India. Specially in peripheral hospitals because:

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3. Which of the following statement is not true about NSAIDS

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4. Red man syndrome is due to

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5. most preferred drug in case of hypertensive emergeny case

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6. In spinal anaesthesia the drug is deposited between

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7. Drug used in the treatment of gastric ulcer due to H.pylori is

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8. Along with INH which vitamin is given

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9. One of the following activities is not mediated through beta-2 adrenergic receptor

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10. True regarding selective COX-2 inhibitors compared to nonselective NSAIDS is:

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11. Which of the following anti inflammatory drug is a COX 2 inhibitor

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12. Penicillin induced hypersensitivity is:

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13. All of the following are true about metformin except

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14. Duration of action of flumazenil

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15. Drug of choice for schizophrenia is

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16. Prolonged administration of streptomycin may result in damage to the

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17. A post operative patient developed septicaemia and was incorrectly started on combination chemotherapy by a new resident doctor. However, when the patient did not respond even after 10 days of antibiotics treatment, the review of the charts was done. It was found that the resident doctor had started the combination of antibiotics which was mutually antagonistic in action. Which one of the following is the most likely combination that was given

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18. True regarding Frusemide:

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19. Which of the following is not a cardioselective beta blocker

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20. Drug of choice in a patient with renal disorder and Vancomycin resistant MRSA:

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