1. All of the following anticancer agents cause bone marrow depression except

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2. Which can be given safely in renal failure

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3. All are selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor except

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4. Which of the following is vasicoselective drug

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5. Epleronone is

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6. Metformin is NOT effective in lowering of blood sugar level in which of the following patients?

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7. Use of aspirin in a diabetic patient can result in

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8. Abatacept is a new drug approved for

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9. Statins are used for cholesterol reduction, It antagonises HMG COA reductase. What kind of inhibition is seen

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10. Rofecoxib was withdrawn due to

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11. Long acting beta-2 agonist

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12. A patient has subclinical folate deficiency. All of the following drugs can precipitate megaloblastic anemia in this patient except

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13. Antihypertensive drug of choice in pregnancy:

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14. Second gas effect is exerted by which of the following gas when coadministered with halothane

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15. The term "balanced anaesthesia" has been given by

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16. The oral pharyngeal and Oesophageal candidiasis following longterm therapy with a broad spectrum antibiotic can be best treated with

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17. Synaptic transmission in the autonomic ganglion is usually

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18. Which of the antiplatelet drug is a prodrug

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19. Which one of the following agents sensitises the myocardium to catecholamines

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20. All of the following decreases skeletal muscle tone by CNS effects except

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