1. Morphine a powerful opioid analgesic drug shuld be avoided in all of the following conditions except


2. Drug which can used in management of streptococcal endocarditis susceptible to penicillin, but patient developing immediate allergy following penicillin administration, is


3. Which of these is a selective COX-2 inhibitor:


4. A patient comes to you complaining that whenever he takes aspirin for headache, he develops severe shortness of breath. Which of t the following may be partly responsible for this


5. Which cephalosporin has anti pseudomonal action


6. Oral contraceptive (OCP)failure by rifampicin is due to


7. Misoprostol is a


8. Use of aspirin in a diabetic patient can result in


9. Most common cause of Mobius syndrome is use of which of the following drug in pregnancy


10. Amphotericin B causes deficiency of


11. All of the following are correct statement except


12. Which one of the following skeletal muscle relaxants causes pain on injection


13. All of the following statement about antimalarial drugs are correct except


14. All are antiplatelet drugs except


15. Loading dose depends upon


16. Which of the following cephalosporins can be used in patients with low GFR


17. Elimination after 3 half lives in first order kinetics is


18. Penicillin induced hypersensitivity is:


19. Which of the following drugs has spasmolytic activity and could also be used in the management of seizure casued by overdose of a local anaesthetic


20. Which of the following statements is not true regarding sulphonamides


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