1. In which type of poisonings is gastric lavage contraindicated

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2. Two drugs having opposite action on different receptors in which type of antagonism

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3. The new formula WHO-ORS differs from the older standard formula WHO-ORS in the following respect

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4. Malignant hyperthermia is a rare complication of the use of the following anesthetic

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5. The following tetracycline has the potential to cause vestibular toxicity

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6. All are used for treatment of pulmonary hypertension except

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7. Hallucinations are seen after following anaesthesia

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8. Cocaine overdose presents with all of the following except

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9. All of the following statements about pain are correct except

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10. Which of the following drugs has spasmolytic activity and could also be used in the management of seizure casued by overdose of a local anaesthetic

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11. All of the following about antiemetics drugs are correct except

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12. MAO inhibitors patient are contra-indicated in all the following conditions EXCEPT

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13. Pulmonary fibrosis is seen with

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14. A patient is given tacrolimus , which antibiotic should not be given to him

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15. Carbamazepine is used in treatment of all of the following except

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16. Botulinum toxin acts by

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17. Safest 1st line ATT in renal failure is

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18. Drug of choice for schizophrenia is

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19. Radio protective drug:

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20. Long-term use of aspirin in rheumatoid arthritis is limited by its propensity to cause

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