1. kirkland and orban's knife are used for

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2. Which of the following is not an etiological agent for gingival recession

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3. embrassure characterised by the slight to moderate recession of interdental papillae are

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4. Which of the following is not FDA approved

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5. What is the primary etiologic factor for generalized aggressive periodontitis?

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6. Correction of an inadequate zone of attached gingiva on several adjacent teeth is best accomplished with a/an

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7. cul de sac appearance is seen in

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8. the sixth complication of diabetes mellitus is

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9. Which of the following is the most important preventive and therapeutic procedure in periodontal therapy?

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10. subgingival temperature is lower in

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11. Bacteria in a biofilm communicate with each other.This phenomenon is called

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12. which of the following step should be most preferably taken in root planning procedure

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13. Which of the following is not a characteristic of sickle scalers

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14. Not a part of RED complex:

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15. Causes for recurrence of periodontal disease include all of the following except

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16. a black line on the gingiva which follows the contour of the margin is due to

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17. The antigenic potential of allografts and xenografts may be suppressed by

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18. Indications for crown lengthening include the following except:

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19. gingival clefts may be caused by

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20. Bacterial enzyme capable of degrading host tissues is:

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