1. All of the following are disadvantages of gingivectomy by electrosurgery except

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2. the final evaluation of the root surface smoothness after root planning is done by

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3. Which of the following is not a secondary colonizer of dental plaque

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4. subgingival temperature is lower in

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5. the tissue response to oral hygiene instruction is best assessed by

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6. Method of determining alcohol abuse is

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7. which of the following periodontal terms is defined as healing in the area of the root(not previously exposed) after surgical detachment of the tissues or following traumatic tears in the cementum, tooth fractures, or the treatment of periapical lesions?

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8. Which chisel is used in a pulling action(pull stroke)

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9. The interdental col is more prone to periodontal disease because it

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10. To reinforce the thinned bony trabeculae by occlusal forces,bone formed is

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11. Which of the following is the main mineral source for subgingival calculus

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12. In which condition papilla preservation flap is indicated

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13. High-quality restorations if placed subgingivally will cause

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14. Periodontitis can be associated with all of the following except:

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15. Technique to evaluate the bone regeneration after periodontal surgery is

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16. Dimension of periochip is?

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17. Endotoxin is

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18. The incision made from the base of the pocket to the crest of the bone is known as

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19. Necrotizing ulcerative gingivitis (NUG) and acute herpetic gingivostomatitis can be differentiated clinically by (the)

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20. Hidden X suture proves to be a novel suturing technique for

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