1. Which of the following organisms is associated with juvenile Periodontitis

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2. After endodontic therapy has been performed on a mandibular molar with both periodontal bifurcation involvement and bifurcation caries what procedure should be done next

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3. The keratinising potential of which of the following does not change with age

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4. Bacteria associated with Acute Necrotizing Ulcerative Gingivitis (ANUG):

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5. The predominant target cell of HIV is

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6. Which of the following has an essential role in the formation of VSC (volatile sulphur compound )

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7. A patient presents with mandibular molar with furcal involvement where the bone loss is through-and-through and visible clinically. What is the Glickman classification?

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8. Screws shaped implant made of commercially pure titanium and applied in two stage surgical procedure is known as

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9. subgingival temperature is lower in

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10. Trauma from occlusion may

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11. which of the following instrument is used to curette furcation areas

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12. the content of the following increases with the depth of periodontal pockets

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13. maintainance of adequate oral hygiene by a patient will not be complicated by the presence of

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14. plateau like bone margins caused by resorption of thickened bony plates are called as

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15. Microorganisms associated with periodontal health are all of the following, EXCEPT:

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16. Which of the following is the main mineral source for subgingival calculus

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17. If crown deviated within 1 mm of its normal position, then the periotest value ranges from

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18. Which of the following condition gingivectomy is contraindicated

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19. advantage of laser treatment over the use of scalpel include

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20. Indications for crown lengthening include the following except:

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