1. the pocket epithelium shows a series of histopathological changes.which of the following is true in this regard
2. Chediak Higashi disease true is:
3. A gingival pocket (pseudopocket) is characterized by
4. A periodontometer is a device used to measure
5. Selected bacterial properties involved in evasion of host defense mechanisms involve all of the following, EXCEPT:
6. Inadequate margins of restorations should be corrected primarily because they
7. Which of the following is NOT a risk factor for periodontitis?
8. Bacteria in a biofilm communicate with each other.This phenomenon is called
9. Indifferent fibres are
10. Gingival Hyperplasia is seen most commonly in
11. Calculus attaches to tooth surfaces by all of the following EXCEPT
12. Which of the following is most important in determining the prognosis for a tooth?
13. Drug most effective in treatment of refractory periodontitis including localised juvenile Periodontitis
14. The arrangement and character of the principal fibres of the periodontal ligament are modified by
15. Which of the following is a secondary colonizer:
16. Infrabony defects occur most frequently in
17. Best method to evaluate the bone defect:
18. Antibiotic active against all strains of A.acetemcomitans
19. Regeneration leads to the formation of which layer of cementum
20. When performing a periodontal screening and recording (PSR) for a patient, the code asterisk (*) is used for a sextant when
21. Leukotoxin 116kDa is secreted from
22. What % collagen fibers and fibroblast are present in the gingival connective tissue
23. Generalized aggressive periodontitis is characterized by attachment loss affecting the first molars and incisors and at least
24. A periodontal screening and recording (PSR) score of 3 for a sextant indicates that probing depth does NOT exceed
25. Bisbiguanides are what generation of antiplaque agents
26. what is the thickness of cemento-dentinal junction
27. In GCF, ratio ofT:B Lymphocytes is:
28. Ramfjord index uses teeth:
29. Chlorhexidine chip degrades in
30. Maximum force during probing around implants:
31. Diameter of tip of Florida probe:
32. Diameter of bristles of soft brush:
33. Trauma from occlusion may be diagnosed radiographically by the presence of
34. In horizontal alveolar bone loss, the pathway of inflammation is
35. Necrotic pressure areas undermining bone resorption and endosteal bone formatioon are all associated with
36. Vicryl plus contains
37. What type of graft is BIO-oss
38. A conventional gingivectomy
39. which are the indications for gingival curetaage
40. Preprosthetic surgical techniques include all of the following except
41. Place the following stages of graft healing in order from earliest to latest:
42. the extent of bony defects can be best estimated by
43. Modification of Gracey Curette with universal blade angle:
44. all are the examples of non bone graft material except
45. Cyanoacrylate is used in periodontics to
46. bone blending is a technique employed for
47. Causes for recurrence of periodontal disease include all of the following except
48. The usual reason for failures in maintaining adequate plaque removal is inadequate patient
49. In guided tissue regeneration, which of the following describes the purpose of the membrane?
50. Polymorphisms in which of the following genes have been associated with severe chronic periodontitis?
51. laboratory test for ANUG is
52. All of the following are examples of non eugenol packs except
53. Which of the following is least likely to be successfully treated with a bone graft procedure
54. Which class of bony defect responds best to regenerative therapy?
55. An interdental crater has how many walls?
56. Bone grafting is most successful in which type of defects:
57. ramping can be done for a
58. When performing a laterally repositioned flap, which of the following must be considered relative to the donor site?
59. Tetracyclines are widely used in treatment of periodontal diseases because
60. Which of the following statements is true regarding the radiographic appearance of furcation involvements?
61. Which of the following statements about papilla preservation flaps is false
62. Critical zones in pocket surgery include all of the following except
63. Which of the following has been used to induce root surface biocompatibility and enhance cellular response?
64. Detection of periodontal pockets is done by
65. Resective osseous surgery is best suited for periodontal sites with
66. Technique to evaluate new attachment and bone regeneration include all of the following except
67. Which of the following antibiotic is prescribed in case of juvenile periodontitis
68. Which of these causes maximum amount of connective tissue damage leading to bone loss:
69. keyes technique refers to
70. A procedure that is performed apical to the epithelial attachment, severing the connective tissue attachment down to the osseous crest is
71. Langer's technique is:
72. Reducing the supracontact while restoring the original tooth contour during occlusal adjustment is referred to as
73. the disclosing agent used in Modified Quigley hein Plaque Index is
74. Factors adversely influencing successful outcome of regenerative periodontal therapy include all of the following except
75. HTR polymer is
76. Stroke used for the removal of both supragingival and subgingival calculus should be
77. Displaced flaps include all of the following except
78. a light feeling stroke that is used with probes to evaluate the dimensions of the pocket and to detect calculus and irregularities of the tooth surface is called as
79. the final evaluation of the root surface smoothness after root planning is done by
80. the pontic design with the least affect on the peiodontium is the
81. Prosthetic and restorative factor to be considered while deciding on periodontal prognosis is
82. Disadvantages associated with iliac crest autografts include all of the following except
83. After endodontic therapy has been performed on a mandibular molar with both periodontal bifurcation involvement and bifurcation caries what procedure should be done next
84. recent advanced method for diagnosis of periodontal organism is
85. Which chisel is used in a pulling action(pull stroke)
86. Ostectomy procedure is indicated in
87. Hydroxyapatite used in dental surgery is
88. Which of the following is a major contraindication to resection of crest bone
89. which of the following step should be most preferably taken in root planning procedure
90. The immediate treatment of a periodontal abscess is to
91. Which is not a goal of scaling and root planing?
92. the tissue response to oral hygiene instruction is best assessed by
93. Reattachment procedures
94. the major indication for splinting as part of periodontal therapy is to
95. The proponents of modified Widman flap were
96. The reaction to irrigation and inflammation in the sulcular area is called
97. Which of the following is not the effect of TGF-B on periodontal ligament cells
98. Resolvin is derived from
99. Antibiotic coverage should be provided when performing periodontal surgery for patients with
100. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, such as ketoralac, are beneficial in the treatment of periodontal disease because they