1. At birth child shows marked convex profile. This is due to

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2. Maximum increase in intraoral microorganisms is seen on

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3. The most effective immediate action for a child who has accidentally swallowed 10 cc of a 10 percent fluoride solution is to

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4. Neonatal teeth are

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5. In the primary dentition, the mandibular foramen is located where in relation to the plane of occlusion?

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6. The union of two teeth by the crowns is

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7. All of the following statements are true except:

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8. Which of the following traumatic injuries does NOT require immediate management?

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9. Orogranulocytes are

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10. A retardation or failure of differentiation of the maxillary mesoderm at and after 50mm stage of embryo, is thought to result in

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11. Chlorhexidine, achemotherapeutic agent used for treating plaque, calculi and gingivitis is a

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12. There is a marked increase in the incidence of interproximal caries during the age of

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13. Cariogram is given by

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14. Which of the following is/are true regarding patients with asthma?

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15. The fastest film speed availaible for dental radiography is

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16. Cervical caries on the maxillary primary incisors in a 12-month old child is most likely caused by

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17. Toys can be used in child management as

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18. Which milestone of a child coincides with the eruption of the 1st primary molars

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19. A child starts to hold his head stable at what age:

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20. Which of the following can be used as best root end filling material

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