1. Your patient is 4 years old. The maxillary right primary central incisor was traumatically avulsed 60 minutes ago. What is the treatment of choice?


2. The disadvantages of clear resin when used as a sealant is


3. Localized aggressive periodontitis in the primary dentition is seen most commonly in the primary molar area. It is most common in Asian children.


4. Your patient exhibits enamel hypoplasia near the incisal edges of all permanent incisors and cuspids, except for the maxillary lateral incisors, which appear normal. At what age would you suspect some kind of systemic problem?


5. How are baby breath located while sucking milk


6. A lady with an Infant reported to clinic with the complaint of white teeth like structure, at the level of gingiva in mandibular anterior region. What should dentist do?


7. Vital pulp procedures are all except


8. All of the following are true when comparing the normal child periodontium to the normal adult periodontium except:


9. Which of the following can be used as best root end filling material


10. Preventive resin restoration is used


11. DIAGNOdent is a diagnostic device for assessing the presence or absence of pit and fissure caries. DIAGNOdent is a


12. In preparing a primary first molar for a stainless steel crown, the surface requiring the least amount of reduction is


13. Congenitally missing teeth are the result of failure in which stage of development?


14. The greatest problem in pulpal diagnosis is predicting the amount or extent of


15. Mandibular foramina in a 4 year child is located


16. Which treatment is the proper one for a class ll fracture of a permanent tooth with an immature apex?


17. Babu a 7 & 1/2 year old child reports with a fracture of central incisor with an open apex there is large pulpal exosure.the treatment of choice is


18. Primary teeth are lighter than permanent teeth because


19. The type of GIC used for ART is


20. Your patient is 8 years old. Teeth #8 and #9 have approximately 50% of their crowns erupted. One month ago, the patient fell from a skateboard and hit teeth #8 and #9 on the sidewalk. The radiograph today shows open apices of these teeth, normal PDL, and no apparent periapical radiolucency. The patient has no reaction to electrical pulp tests. What is your treatment of choice?


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