1. Parents should begin cleaning a child`s mouth


2. When treating rampant dental caries the first step is to


3. A lady with an Infant reported to clinic with the complaint of white teeth like structure, at the level of gingiva in mandibular anterior region. What should dentist do?


4. First sign of formocresol pulpotomy failure is:


5. Diluted resin is used in


6. All of the following statements are true except:


7. Generally, a 20 second etching time is recommended. Enamel that has been exposed to fluoride may be resistant to etching and may aced to be exposed for longer periods.


8. What is the minimum alveolar concentration of nitrous oxide (Vol %)?


9. When no new decay is formed, the frequency of repeated bitewing radiographs recommended in primary dentition is


10. A disease process is characterized by painful, bleeding gingival tissue, punched out erosions covered by gray pseudomembrane, blunting of interproximal papillae, and a fetid odor. Treatment usually comprises debridement, mouth rinses, and antibiotics. This description is associated with which of the following conditions that may exist in teenagers?


11. All of the following instances, except one, may make the use of a rubber dam impractical. Which is the exception?


12. Fluorosis is the result of excessive systemic fluoride during which stage of tooth development?


13. Difficult to seal teeth include all the following except


14. Your patient is 8 years old. Teeth #8 and #9 have approximately 50% of their crowns erupted. One month ago, the patient fell from a skateboard and hit teeth #8 and #9 on the sidewalk. The radiograph today shows open apices of these teeth, normal PDL, and no apparent periapical radiolucency. The patient has no reaction to electrical pulp tests. What is your treatment of choice?


15. A permanent incisor with a closed apex is traumatically intruded. What is the treatment of choice?


16. Where do lesions commonly occur in the primary form of acute herpetic gingivostomatitis?


17. Three different variations in the appearance of pits and fissures in crosssection include all of the following except


18. The best filling material in deciduous teeth for RCT


19. A 6 year old patient reports with greenish blue swelling distal to deciduous 2nd molar. Treatment would be:


20. A 5-year-old girl lives in an area with 0.4ppm F in the city drinking water. How much supplemental fluoride should you prescribe for the patient to consume the optimal amount of fluoride?


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