1. A 4 yr old child has frequent broken bones and exhibits blue sclera. Which of the following dental conditions is suggested

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2. What is the minimum alveolar concentration of nitrous oxide (Vol %)?

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3. A supernumerary tooth results from a deviation during

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4. Which of the following should be performed to ensure a well-adapted and functional stainless steel crown?

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5. A permanent incisor with an open apex is extruded 4 mm following an injury 15 minutes ago. What is the treatment of choice?

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6. The presence of higher amounts of proline rich proteins (PRP) can have what kind of effect on caries causation

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7. Most common caries seen in primary 1 molar:

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8. There is a marked increase in the incidence of interproximal caries during the age of

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9. Best drug for ANUG in a 8 year old child

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10. Which milestone of a child coincides with the eruption of the 1st primary molars

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11. Which of the following is characteristic of an inverted mesiodens

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12. Stainless steel crown are contraindicated in

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13. In a stainless steel crown on a deciduous molar with overhanging margins, gingival pain and inflammation occurs due to:

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14. GIC is done for primary teeth mainly because of

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15. A 12 year old child presents with characteristic tetracycline discoloration of the maxillary and mandibular incisors and permanent first molars. The probable age at which this child received tetracycline therapy was

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16. Primary function of MTA is

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17. Space for eruption of permanent mandibular molars is created by

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18. The primary purpose of applying cavity varnish is to prevent

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19. The disadvantages of clear resin when used as a sealant is

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20. During eruption of primary teeth, alveolar bone is

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