1. Which of the following can be used as best root end filling material

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2. In a stainless steel crown on a deciduous molar with overhanging margins, gingival pain and inflammation occurs due to:

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3. In which of the following situations is space most difficult to manage?

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4. Hyposecretion of thyroid hormone during infancy results in

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5. Localized aggressive periodontitis in the primary dentition is seen most commonly in the primary molar area. It is most common in Asian children.

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6. To prevent mesial drift of a permanent first molar, the ideal time to place a distal extension space maintainer is

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7. Differences between child and adult patient are

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8. All of the following are amide group of local anaesthetic agents except

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9. Young permanent tooth with irreversible pulpitis sign is treated as

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10. Which of the following are advantages a light cured materials over chemical cure sealants?

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11. All of the following are true when comparing the normal child periodontium to the normal adult periodontium except:

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12. After the crown completion stage, trauma to a developing tooth may be responsible for

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13. All of the following statements are true except:

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14. The most effective immediate action for a child who has accidentally swallowed 10 cc of a 10 percent fluoride solution is to

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15. The carious lesion always appears smaller on the radiograph than it actually is. Likewise, microscopic observation of ground sections of teeth reveal that the progress of the lesion through the enamel and dentin is more extensive than it is evident on the radiograph.

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16. Defensive reaction of the tooth to dental caries include

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17. A 20-month-old female presents with her mother to your office for her first check-up. Her mother is concerned because her daughter only has a few erupted teeth. Upon examining the patient, which teeth should you expect to find?

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18. The disease-control phase of treatment includes

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19. Which of the following is characteristic of an inverted mesiodens

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20. Children should be taught flossing only after they have attained the age of

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