1. Mother of a child is worried about green stains on the recently erupted upper anterior teeth of her child. The stains are most probably due to:

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2. Orogranulocytes are

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3. The first teeth to become involved in nursing bottle caries usually are

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4. Which of the following sweeteners used in sugarless gum is most effective in preventing caries?

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5. In primary molars, the cusp with the largest pulp horn is the

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6. Which type of PRR will require a local anesthesia and a liner?

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7. The greatest problem in pulpal diagnosis is predicting the amount or extent of

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8. Which of the following space maintainers is/are most appropriate for a patient with the bilateral loss of mandibular first primary molars prior to the eruption of the permanent molars and permanent incisors?

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9. When calcium hydroxide is placed in direct contact with viable pulp tissue the major immediate reaction is

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10. A 6 year old patient reports with greenish blue swelling distal to deciduous 2nd molar. Treatment would be:

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11. All of the following instances, except one, may make the use of a rubber dam impractical. Which is the exception?

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12. A traumatized primary tooth turns pink over a period of time. The pathologic change that has occurred is

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13. What is the reason for longer etching time required in case of children:

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14. Which of the following is the most frequently utilized route of administration for sedation in pediatric patients?

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15. Your patient is 7 years old and has a very large, carious lesion on tooth T. What radiological factors should be used in determining the best treatment of choice between pulpotomy and primary endodontics?

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16. The most appropriate management for a concussed tooth is

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17. The appliance used to treat thumb sucking

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18. According to Cron, the tooth starts erupting after

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19. Which of the following statements about alternate sweeteners is INCORRECT?

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20. The number of fontanelles present at birth is

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