1. In a patient with cleft lip and palate, speech problems occur because of:

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2. A patient, when in full intercuspation, shows a right side posterior crossbite and a lower midline that is deviated to the right. At initial contact there are bilateral posterior crossbites and coincident midlines. The most likely cause of this finding is

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3. Mandibular anterior crowding occurs in normal young adults as a result of

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4. Interceptive orthodontic treatment using appliances to treat the effects of oral habits should

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5. If the centre of rotation is at the apex of the root, then the orthodontic movement which results is:

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6. What is needed so that soft tissues are clearly visible on a lateral cephalometric radiograph?

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7. Couple in orthodontics means:

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8. Adams clasp is formed from which gauge of stainless steel wire

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9. According to Simon classification, movement of teeth towards Frankfort plane is called:

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10. 12 yr old patient comes with retained primary mandibular second molar and radiograph shows congenitally missing second premolar. Most conservative approach would be

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11. While treating increased anterior overbite while keeping mandibular plane angle same, increase in molar height is compensated by:

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12. Branch of orthodontics concerned with management of teeth in mixed dentition period is called:

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13. The predominant type of movement produced by a finger spring on a removable appliance is

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14. Which of the following are not classic symptoms of a sucking habit?

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15. What is needed so that soft tissues are clearly visible on a lateral cephalometric radiograph?

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16. Ratio of Upper Anterior Facial Height to Lower Anterior Facial Height Is

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17. Class II malocclusion usually presents a _________________ facial profile:

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18. Pendulum appliance is used for:

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19. Arrowhead clasp is also called:

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20. Which of the following teeth has maximum sensory innervations:

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