1. Cephalometrics is useful for assessing all of the following relationships except:

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2. Prior to direct bonding, __________ is used as an etching agent. Prior to placing bands, _______________is used as an etching agent.

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3. A lingually erupting maxillary lateral incisor

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4. Combined orthodontic and orthognathic surgical treatments primarily address

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5. Snort test is used to evaluate:

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6. A primary second molar becomes ankylosed most commonly

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7. The lag phase of tooth movement usually lasts for?

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8. Most common type of hereditary malocclusion is

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9. Uprighting springs in Begg's appliance therapy are used for:

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10. A 6 year old patient has a larger than average diastema between the maxillary central incisors. The radiographic examination shows a mesiodens. In order to manage the diastema, you should extract the mesiodens

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11. Catalans appliance is used for:

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12. In an Angle Class I occlusion, which cusp of which permanent tooth moves between the mesiolingual and distolingual cusps of the mandibular second molar in a working side movement?

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13. Which of the following orthodontic wire can be Heat Treated:

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14. Which is not true regarding Presurgical naso alveolar moulding:

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15. To produce pure translatory motion in a tooth, what type of force is required

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16. Child OPG would show all except:

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17. Best method to sterilize orthodontic plier is

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18. Alveolar bone is undergoing remodelling

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19. Maxillary skeletal arch expansion

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20. The positioning of tongue in infantile swallowing is

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