1. Appliance of choice in cases with anteroposterior maxillary deficiency is

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2. While treating increased anterior overbite while keeping mandibular plane angle same, increase in molar height is compensated by:

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3. Collumn angle is increased in

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4. Mode of inheritance of cleft lip n palate is

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5. Catalans appliance is used for:

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6. Fishman's index is used for:

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7. Skeletal classification of malocclusion was first given by:

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8. In orthodontics, how much activation is produced from a single turn of a palatal expansion screw?

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9. Interincisal angle is increased in

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10. Degree of conversion for orthodontic bonding resin is in the range of

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11. A patient With maxillary midline diastema which has been closed orthodontically requires what kind of retention:

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12. A 5 year and 4 months old child has a retrusive chin with undue small mandible, reduced lower facial height, on intraoral examination, full cusp distal step molar relation is seen. The cephalometric parameters reveal a normal SNA but a reduced SNB. What should be the line of treatment

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13. A nine year old patient had an extraction of the primary mandibular first molar. The ideal treatment at this time is:

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14. Cold bend test is used to measure

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15. Retrusion and protrusion of the mandible cannot be measured by which radiographic cephalometric variable?

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16. Cobalt-Chromium alloy (elgiloy) is not available in which of the following tempers

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17. Which analysis uses the measurement of lower incisors to calculate dimensions of posterior teeth:

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18. An 8 year old patient with all primary molars still present exhibits a cusp-to-cusp relationship of permanent maxillary and mandibular first molars and good alignment of the lower incisors. The management of this patient should be to

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19. For bite opening in orthodontics, which of the following is done:

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20. If the centre of rotation is present at the centre of bracket slot orthodontic movement that occurs is

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