1. The dose of epinephrine given in anaphylaxis:

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2. In Pierre Robin syndrome, a complete upper airway obstruction may also occur when the patient is in a prone position. This may be handled by

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3. In which of the following conditions mandible will deviate towards the unaffected side on opening?

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4. Management of ecchymosis following oral surgery includes

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5. TMJ problem in Rheumatoid arthritis presents as:

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6. After closure of oroantral communication when should the suture to be removed ideally?

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7. An endosseous dental implant has between the bone and implant a:

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8. Out of various techniques used for treatment of mandible angle fracture, most complications are seen with

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9. Currently, the most popular used implants are:

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10. Which lymph nodes directly receive lymph from the anterior two-thirds of the tongue (except the tip)?

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11. Vitamin K is antagonist for

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12. Infection within the carotid sheath may damage all of the following structures except:

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13. Which of the following are involved in the path for parasympathetic innervation of the parotid gland

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14. The roof of pterygo-mandibular space is formed by

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15. Which of the following X-rays should be used for diagnosis of meniscal perforation?

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16. Difficulty score for a Mesioangular Class II Position C mandibular third molar is:

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17. Bone Morphogenetic protein is used in:

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18. How much fluids are given to a patient postoperatively in 24 hours:

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19. Keen approach is an example of:

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20. Elastic traction used commonly to reduce facial fractures, does so by overcoming

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