1. The propylene glycol in IV valium can cause:


2. LA is injected in a 5 year old child in the region of maxillary right primary lateral incisor, child is crying and develops swelling in lower eye lid and complains of burning sensation in the eye, what is the most probable reason?


3. Following a local anesthetic injection, anesthetic effects will disappear and reappear in a definite order. Arrange the following sensations in increasing order of resistance to conduction. 1. Touch, 2. Warm, 3. deep pressure, 4. Pain, 5. Cold, 6. Motor


4. Which nerve may, in some cases, also serve as an afferent nerve for the mandibular first molar, which needs to be considered when there is failure of the inferior alveolar local anesthetic block


5. The most important factor in bone regeneration is:


6. The dose of epinephrine given in anaphylaxis:


7. Most of the fractured mandibular condyle dislocations takes place in:


8. Hayton William forceps is used in:


9. The bone surrounding the impacted third molar is removed to:


10. Of the following Local anesthetics, which has intrinsic vasoconstrictive action?


11. Patient with head injury and cervical # cannot be ruled out , best method of intubation is


12. All of the following are true regarding the use of Articaine in a child except:


13. For a patient with end-stage renal disease (ESRD) on dialysis, it is recommended to perform oral surgery:


14. Which among the following is not used as topical local anesthetic:


15. Inferior alveolar nerve paresthesia is most commonly associated with which of the following Mandibular fractures


16. Thrombocytopenia (low platelet count) that is less than


17. After inj. of LA pt experiences pallor, perspiration and disorientation. What is the first step of treatment


18. Most common bacterium responsible for subacute bacterial endocarditis after dental extraction is


19. In PSA block, which of the following teeth are effectively/completely anesthetized?


20. What are the parts of a local anaesthetic syringe:


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