1. During an inferior alveolar nerve block injection, the needle passes through the mucous membrane and the buccinator muscle and lies lateral to the:

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2. Lingual split techniinstrument used to cut the tooth is

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3. For local anesthetics, for every 1% solution there is:

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4. For chemical cauterization in treatment of Odontogenic Keratocyst which solution is used

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5. Most common cause of paralysis of Infraorbital Nerve is:

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6. All of the following are amide type local anaesthetics except:

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7. Treatment of localized pain 3-4 days post extraction due to loss of clot is done by

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8. The highest incidence of fractures occurs in:

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9. Best material for mandibular reconstruction

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10. Which of the following inducing agent has analgesic property?

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11. Massetric space infection can spread to which of the following spaces directly

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12. The major concern for the dental practitioner treating the patient with insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus is:

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13. What is the best way to palpate the posterior aspect of the mandibular condyle?

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14. The first objective of treatment of acute pericoronitis is

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15. Principle of Apexo elevator:

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16. To prevent infective endocarditis in patients at risk for such infections, which of the following are acceptable antibiotic options for the prevention of infective endocarditis, except

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17. First clinical sign of lignocaine toxicity of CNS:

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18. Type of intubation used in cleft palate patients is:

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19. After completing your postoperative instructions for dental implant placement for replacement of tooth #14, your patient asks you how long it will be before she can get her new tooth. Which of the following is most correct to allow complete osseointegration?

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20. Keen approach is an example of:

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