1. During Ostectomy procedure, the direction of the bevel of chisel should be kept:


2. Volatile liquids require a vaporizer for inhalational administration. Which one additionally requires a heating component to allow delivery at room temperature?


3. For a patient with end-stage renal disease (ESRD) on dialysis, it is recommended to perform oral surgery:


4. Which is the most potent topical anesthetic:


5. Most common cause of paralysis of Infraorbital Nerve is:


6. Dental care under local anesthesia is usually feasible


7. In Triage, which colour code is used to depict moderate injury that is not life threatening?


8. Polyglycolic acid suture is:


9. Principle of Apexo elevator:


10. Red line in the Winter WAR lines signifies:


11. Ester L.A is contraindicated in:


12. Oxidized cellulose (oxycel) cannot be used along with:


13. LA is injected in a 5 year old child in the region of maxillary right primary lateral incisor, child is crying and develops swelling in lower eye lid and complains of burning sensation in the eye, what is the most probable reason?


14. Lingual split techniinstrument used to cut the tooth is


15. White line in Winter’s WAR lines represents:


16. Inferior alveolar nerve paresthesia is most commonly associated with which of the following Mandibular fractures


17. DEPTH AT which impacted tooth is located is measured by


18. Pupils in syncope appear:


19. Fracture which breaks continuity of one cortex without fracture of the other cortex is called:


20. In gillies approach where is the forceps inserted


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