1. Over 90 percent of primary herpes simplex viral infections are

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2. The most common site for necrotizing sialometaplasia is

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3. Which of the following is not responsible for the endogenous staining of teeth during development

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4. Osteopetrosis is

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5. Ptyalism is seen in

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6. which one of the following is not a craniosynostosis

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7. A pleomorphic adenoma is characterized by

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8. Fothergill disease is:

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9. Most common carcinoma occuring in lip

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10. Patient complaints of burning mouth. On examination tongue was red ,bald and filiform papillae were absent. Patient also provide history of long term antibiotic use. What is probable etiology

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11. On streching the cheek the lesion disappears in

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12. A 40 years old lady reported with history of pain in right cheek since the last 2 months. The pain is sharp, lancinating and sudden in onset and brief in duration. The attacks are triggered by chewing foo She is normal in between the attacks. What is the diagnosis:

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13. oral lichenoid reaction differs from oral lichen planus

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14. Which of the following is not a feature of Hyperparathyroidism?

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15. Squamous cell carcinomas of the lip occur most frequently on the

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16. a mother came with her child complaining of abdominal cramps,hypersalivation,fever and rashes on skin.On examination ,there were rashes on skin of palms and soles of feet along with generalized gingival inflammation and multiple oral ulcers.The child may be suffering from

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17. Involucrum is

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18. which of the following cyst shows maximum amount of recurrence

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19. a female patient showing progressive muscle and fat loss on the right side of the face is suffering from

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20. Organism involved in cellulitis is

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