1. 36 year old woman reported with history of exposed bone in the posterior alveolus with history of multiple myeloma probably has

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2. scaphocephaly is caused by premature fusion of

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3. nikolsky sign is not seen in

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4. Which of the following represents Vitamin D deficiency

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5. oral lichenoid reaction differs from oral lichen planus

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6. Which of the following is not a true cyst:

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7. which of the following is caused due to an immune reaction to an organism

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8. Koebner phenomenon is seen in

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9. True regarding dentigerous cyst is all except

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10. Which of the following fungal infection is most commonly associated with diabetes mellitus

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11. all are tumor suppressor genes in head and neck squamous cell carcinoma except

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12. Cyst derived from stellate reticulum and grows in place of the affected tooth is called

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13. Ptyalism is seen in

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14. Riga fede disease is associated with

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15. Leontiasis ossea is characteristic of:

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16. A differential diagnosis for gingival hyperplasia should include which of area.It was diagnosed as ameloblastoma.histopathological picture will show the following conditions?

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17. The term applied to a low white blood cell count is

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18. A large encapsulated fluid-filled tumour is removed from the hard palate. The most appropriate method of determining the nature of this lesion is to

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19. burning tongue will not be associated with which of the following

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20. Which of the following condition has malignant potential

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